Monday, June 18, 2007

Grrr! Moshura vs. Sarcoma...FIGHT!

Okay, so maybe Moshura's pecs and, er, pants don't look quite as tight but the spirit of el Santo is with you this glorious Monday... and I just couldn't find any other superhero to replace that seizure-inducing father's day post below. Hope you have a good Monday after your radiation appointment. Let us know how it goes!


weezy130 said...

I love it!!!

cancer sucks said...

Ha Ha, I also like Nacho Boracho!
( some 411: Marco does own some of those chonies)JK ha ha

Today was good, we avoided horrible traffic (due to an accident) and took short-cuts of course only Marco would know.

Did Marco's favorite thing , had blood drawn and weighed in and I am happy to report that Mama's cook'n this weekend plumped him up on the scale (this is funny to say but its a good thing his weight is up) and ofcourse radiation went well.

mariachi mariachi said...

WEll Tio looks like he is better...I didn't know tio had a Nacho suit. Why did he not bring it to our house? Does tio wear
his suit when (sitbooboosit) wears my spidey outfit? The big question around here is if you sometimes wear streachy pants when you are home. HAHA

whollyshtrs said...

there is something about that guy that just doesnt look good. maybe its all the shine. maybe its because he looks like hulk hogan but with no hair and in a black and white. Ew. all i can say is good cells good, bad cells bad. eat your wheaties!