Saturday, June 16, 2007


Happy Saturday!!


Hey You, Get Off Of My Cloud said...

Hey Lil Princess.... I got a spot reserved here for your beautiful mug on Sunday!!! Muaaahhahhahaha!

weezy130 said...

That is just soooo adorable!

weezy130 said...

That made my Saturday!! Can't wait to see Lil Princess!

Machini Bannini said...

"What happened to my teeth mama?" Machini asked (as he reached to touch his mouth and feel all his teeth) I told him he was smiling different, then he said " Look at my eyes mama they look funny." "I didn't take that picture. Who did?"
He just laughed and said he looked funny,like a frog.

The Wife said...

Today we celebrate Father's Day for all the DAD'S around the world. But today we celebrate extra special.
I celebrate for the BEST dad that my kids have, from diaper changing (even the ones i thought twice to change), giving baths, playing with them, making gorilla,chicken sounds to make the kids laugh.

For lending his ear to listen to whatever they had to say. (no matter how long it took), not all dad's have good record like this one but my kids dad exceeds all records.

He takes alot of pride in his kids and for this i am grateful and thank God for my kids dad.

Happy Father's Day!

daddys lil princess said...

yeah i cant wait to c lil princess im alil skard

Green Bean said...

who is this little cutie??? that smile made my day!