Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Ouch Factor

Newsweek has an interesting article on the science of pain that is worth the read. Check it out... The Changing Science of Pain.


weezy130 said...

Hopefully soon our Moshura will get cured and will be at 0. I'm praying everyday.

The Wife said...

Here is something for the ouch factor ........
Today as Marco and I are sitting under our little tree in the back yard with the desert dirt on my feet (Marco was wearing his shoes) our neighbor behind our house pops his head over and said "Hey! How are you doing?" Marco replied with good what about yourself?

The neighbor said we heard you had "CANCER". Marco said yeah and the man replied CANCER is a bastard man that is what I tell everyone............during the conversation the man told us (well to make the story short)he told us he had cancer 2 1/2 years ago and the doctors up here in the high desert gave him 2 months to live. (He ended up going to Loma Linda for treatment) so the man bought the car of his dreams and car for his wife and son.(2 1/2 years later) He said he went to the doctor on May 15 and no cancer was found but when he went in on May 25 the CANCER had came back in the same spot.

(I am talking about a young older man) you could tell this news was felt like the first time they told him he had it. He recieved chemo and radiation at Loma Linda and said he like it there but his surgeon had left Loma Linda and went to another hospital and that hospital would be none other than COH.

This doctor is supposedly the mero mero on the oncology side (maybe maybe, no i dunno) anyway the wife was by his side and adding her two since in the conversation as I too.
The neighbor told Marco to take care of himself and they would pray for him and Marco replied with We wil probably see you in the halls at COH.

But during the conversation Marco said something that did stun me but i never thought about it in that way he said " that he was now married to COH for life", any other person would look at him and say what the hell did you just say and maybe want an explanation but it was so true.

Marco would tell me of situations at work were he didn't want to open the tv cause it probably had more problems that someone else caused he then he would be marreid to it.

Meaning he would have to stay with this tv till he could fix it.
But with COH its a good for life kinda feeling.
I imagine knowing that he is in a good place where he will be taken care of and with the sense of this marriage to COH is not a bad thing its a very good thing.......(just like his marriage of 15 years this year(yeah!))

After the neighbor man left the wife stayed behind and said she too fought with cancer(breast) 16 years ago but opt not to have chemo done at the time and that the doctors were very upset with her cause she didn't want to have the chemo done.
But she said she didn't want it. I thought it was awesome for her to face CANCER in the eye and say no i will fight you with every fiber of my being was great! And to be on the other side of the fence hearing of these neighbors stories and seeing for myself that they were survivors was a we are not alone kinda feeling.
To listen to a man who had to face death at his door with two months to live and to hear everything he went through to grasp on to his life that was being taken from under his feet and how he fought hard for it was a great feeling i had.

Then did i understand what positive attitude was ....its not something you need to say to someone as i know i have millions of time to Marco but it needs to come from within the person to realize that they have all it takes to fight this horrible mah ga fah ga that comes into your life without warning or consideration of others.

I read somewhere that CANCER doesn't discriminate and it doesn't as i see from the "Tool Time " neighbor over the fence it dosen't just chose on person in one single family.

The neighbor was pointing at houses next to us of people of whom have or had cancer on our block and she mentioned the house to the left of our house on the corner (if you are facing the street) she was a young mom and after giving birth to her baby girl she passed away of cancer...years ago I was shocked when i read this in the newspaper and especially when i found our she was a neighbor......so this left me thinking from our neighborly conversation today it could happen to anyone its just a matter of how you are going to deal with it.

I beleive that Marco is on the right track since day one....and like Dr.T told us that he saw and know Marco has the positvie thinking and will to survive this MAH GA FAH GA (well not in these words ofcourse but you know.

Marco has amazed me with all he has overcome thus far and this is only the begining and there is so much more to come and i know that he is strong and powerful both physically and mentally to take this Mah ga Fah ga out.

Marco I am very proud of all your hard work you have put on yourself to walk and love to see the joy on your face when you would do your dance of accomplishments when you knew you could leave the walker behind them the crutches and the last couple of days when you decided to leave the wheelchair and walk all the way from the parking lot to radiation and back. That was awsome in its own self.

I love you very much

the wife

P.S Sorry damn i guess i had alot to say

Oh and thanks to the family, today we enjoyed ourselves at breakfast it was nice to get out and be out of our COH family atmesphere.

lobster man said...

hi marco

cancer sucks said...

Well today 6/28/07 was 17 of radiation and all was good your starting to see the leg a little red and darker than before the doctor said with in the next week or so we should start to see more red in the area with some skin changes.

The doctor also checked his neck, its been about a week that he thought he had a lump in his neck ( with cancer you have to be very aware of your body as far what was there and anything different that you may feel).
He didn't want to bother the doctor with this problem but i told him he needed to find out of himself just so he could feel relief. (for my peace of mine too)
As he checked his neck he told him not to worry he didn't feel anything and that everything looked alright.
Marco replied with "good than it was just my nerves then". I knew it was a relief to him as well as for me.

Seating there in the waiting room you can only imagine what goes through his head while he is in that cold room even if its for 5 minutes it seems to be longer sometimes but I pray that whatever is going through his mind is all good.

surviving 3 under 5 said...

when you are in the silence of your mind (while in the treatment room)know that all who love you are right there willing you every ounce of courage and and strength that we have to help you surpass the moment the hour the day. Throughout the day I think of you guys and I say a prayer. Know that all that is positive and well is willed to you on behalf of those who know you and truely love you. You are never alone. not today not tommorrow not while you are home at treatment or traveling. Don't forget we don't know what is going on until you tell us. don't be shy tell us, talk, express, share what is going on. Tell us stories of other patients you guys meet. What we should expect. What are the usual side effects.....What is next in the treatment against Marco's Cancer. Let me tell you we are clueless about the day to day real real realities you guys are dealing with. well sometimes we are clueless period. but Share... we truely want to know.

Moshura's Sister said...

i am glad all of you have taken the time to post and to share your thoughts. i am sure marco appreciates reading this and i know i do... after all, i think having a space to discuss this 24/7 is important and its no fun to blog to an audience of 1, which is what I imagine when I see 0 posts, boo-hoo :( It's important to know that cancer is not a "private" illness, that many people do go through this and no one should have to deal with it alone. Thanks to "the wife" for supporting Moshura every step of the way!!

One day at a time... said...

I want to say Amen! Amen to Ms. Wife who has done alot to take care of our wonderful brother. And I wanted to say Amen! to having the best brother in the world! It was great spending a day reminiscing and talking about our day. Our lives! etc. Our brother Moshura is the most wonderful, bravest, smartest, most energetic person in the world. He just puts everything in perspective; not to mention he is an expert with t.v.s Thank you so much Mr. Marcus for putting everything in perspective. We love you lots and lots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
p.s. we are getting an lcd. Help!