Friday, June 22, 2007


Blogging about my brother's cancer isn't always fun. But I try to keep a positive spin on things to get through each day, especially thinking about what he might be going through. So if you notice random musings, and oddball posts, it's not because we stopped "doing the sarcoma thing" here in the neighborhood, but because sometimes, you just want to laugh... at least I do... I hope you do too? Posting might also be a bit sporadic and subject to fits of inspiration or downright blogger fatigue. But check in daily, or nightly as posts might get updated later in the day. After all, I do have a full-time job that luckily, forces me onto the internet almost 8 hours a day, so during my in-between rest time, is blog time! The least I can do for my Moshura, as I can't be there everyday to make fun of his weird smiling mouth twitch and his silly old school breakdancing... ask him to do the Snake..the Running Man...the Cabbage Patch...oooh, the Pop-Lock, or the Centipede... hee hee, nevermind, he'll have to go to the Chiropractor if he does the Centipede. Happy Friday!


weezy130 said...

Hello! Hello Everyone!!
Yes TGIF! Today could not have come any sooner! School year is almost over and ready for new beginnings. Looking forward to new faces and saying goodbye to the kind and loyal ones too. You can never stop learning! or You always learn something new!

cancer sucks said...

Laughing is the best medicine so I read. Is the best thing Marco would like i think .....maybe i am talking out my ass but if we can get a good chuckle out of his ass. Then you know you did your and walk away before he sluggs you in the arm

Here is something funny ...I caught Marco on You-Tube looking at a How to Break Dance Video....I thought it was comical since you mention it in the blog ....TAH TAH

One day at a time... said...

Good to know we all still have a sense of humor. I will definitely make it a point to blog more often especially if Marcus is planning on dusting off his break dancing moves and his unexpected punches on our arms when he gets a fit of excitement. Sure do miss the 80's...not!

weezy130 said...

LOOOOOOOOVE THE 80s! Don't miss the fashions only the music and dance steps!!!! I got "Jam On It" from Newcleus for Moshura. It is 8 minutes long but really cool. Takes you back to back in the days.

cancer sucks said...

Today was a good day Marco enjoyed a day at my parents house for some carne asada and all the eats you can think off....we spent quite sometime there before he wanted to come home which was good

Machini enjoyed the pool at his gramas in his spiderman outfit...he looks more like a Sea World Shamu trainer but he takes after his momma he loves the water.
Gianina another water lover was in the pool with her flamming hot short she borrowed from somewhere in granma's house.
We all enjoyed a nice day at my momma's house.

Marco's leg wasn't that swollen today which was a good thing cause usually its been somewhat swollen than other days especially during the week since he take our drive down to COH. But the compresson stocking went on and he was good to go

The scab in the surgery area is almost gone and everything looks really far as his mood well that all depends on the day and today was a somewhat good day ( ofcourse he will say depends on who you are talking too)

The dancing please last time Marco broke it down for us was for the V's wedding and he had the cardboard and all that time. JAJA that was real funny remembering just now .