Thursday, July 12, 2007

Scored Everything on the Wishlist?

I hope Moshura got everything he wished for on his birthday!!


cancer sucks said...

Today was # 24 , all is good so far.

In the waiting room today were three men. One goes with his wife, another man I see him there alone, and the third man has been taking a young man to radiation.

When we arrived they were having a conversation about COH and how nice the the entire staff has been, that they always see a smile on everyones face.
How everyone is so helpful and amazed at how maintained they keep everything.

Then they started to talk about where they were coming from. The man with the wife there were from La Cresenta.
The man who goes alone said "I am from Whitter" and continued to say "you know they have rooms here for you to stay in."
So the man (with the wife) said "yeah but we live and work there so no big deal I rather come here with her."
Then the conversation started with how amazed they have been at the inconsiderate people who just drop of the patients and leave or they arrive in taxi.
They couldn't believe that people could drop off these people with out knowing what was going on inside the hospital and have them going through this all alone.
The man (who comes alone) said "yeah you can't count on in sickness or in health anymore because some are already asking for divorse when you tell them what you have." and he noded his head as well as another man who entered the room .(who also comes in alone)
the man (with the wife) said "I'd rather come with her everyday to make sure everything is alright."
"I told my boss I had to come with my wife to COH and he didn't want to give time to come with her, so I told him this is my wife and I want to be there with her so deal with it."
The man first man who goes alone told him " yeah there are some that give you that time and understand and there are other who can care less." I take half of the day off in the morning".

The reason I'm sharing this with you is because I was amazed to see three different men in one room having a conversation like this.
Seeing their reaction to the different topic was wierd. You usually don't hear conversations like this coming from men , you hear this coming out from womens.

cancer sucks said...

YEAH!! today is #25 and we have 10 more to go! Yes! Now we start on the boosters on 1 dose after 5 we go 2 doses and that is it for radiation.
So far the marco has done great with all the radiation and the doctor saw him today and says everything looks good.

So two more weeks of radiation an ending of Chapter 2 in this obstacle course of life.(or journey if that is what you want to call it but a journey should be something you enjoy doing and that is not what we like to do.)

I am glad it turned out great and not as bad as it could have been.

God is look'n out for you kid!

The Wife said...

Marco I am very grateful that everything has turned out so well for you.
I know that when Chapter 3 Chemo comes around you will face it as you have the radiation with your head held high , shoulders back , facing it head on.
Remember we have two beautiful kids who count on their dad day in and day out to be there for them. Always know that you can grab 150% strengh from us, and of course you can ask for all the strong hugs to keep you going too.
The Wife and our kids

Anonymous said...

We love you Marco and want you to get better. Please do know that you can count on us if you need anything.
Love Weezy

Moshura's Sister said...

It's interesting how men react to these challenges with family and friends. Sadly, I don't think many people can count on a support system. Once upon a time, when I would hear people say so and so has cancer, I didn't think about it much. In fact, I didn't know what to think because I had no idea what "having cancer" meant, i.e., surgeries, daily radiation or chemo. This experience has definitely made me more aware of other people's challanges in facing this disease. I think a lot of people are not informed about cancer. That's why many people like employers and others don't care to imagine what it may be like because it seems like people "look" okay to work so how could they be sick? I think its a matter of education and awareness. Sadly the disease doesn't become real until someone you know gets it. Even then, people prefer to imagine it can't be that bad when it often is. So, just glad to know that we are taking this illness seriously but with some degree of humor to get by each day. Thank you Marco for teaching me to not be such a cry baby about the insignificant things in life. I appreciate your strength and positive outlook in getting through this!! Love you!!!