Sunday, July 1, 2007

It's a Bird... It's a Plane!

It's Super Marco!! Somehow, Superman manages to give the Monsters a run for their money, save the girl, and get justice for the bad guy. Maybe I can fit the cancer battle as a metaphor in this superhero classic? Don't think it's a stretch? Moshura, you do look good in blue, I dunno about the tights and cape though...


weezy130 said...

Talking about a bird... DLP is very happy with her new pet. It was wonderful spending the day with you guys. Moshura is a Superman!
Luv ya!

cancer sucks said...

DLP did get a pet this weekend from Marco as a birthday gift, she is so excited and the she named it Dumbalina yup you aren't looking at a mispelled word.

Though she seems to be scaring the wholly wakamoli out of it nice word for shit. She has gotten "Dumbalina" to sit on her hand and petting it outside of the cage. Its nice to have DLP happy and with her beautiful smile on. keep it up!

We enjoyed our day in HP with a BBQ, Marco relaxed and enjoyed being surrounded by all his family.
Till next time

D.L.P. said...

daddy you are superman. you are the man of steel. nothing can bring you down not even this cancer.

and yup as most of you have seen and heard my daddy got me a bird for my birthday...i love it...its a her..her name is dumbalina..yup you read rite DUMBALINA. lol a.k.a DUM-DUM. hahaha....i've got her a lil trained. i can get her out of the cage and i can pet her.its stop by and see the birdy. with her and her dum-dum name lol

One day at a time... said...

Good times had by all!

got hope? i do! said...

Super are the millions of people who fight like superheros everyday with this horrible vilan CANCER.
The catchy phrase should be:

Look into their eyes they have hope,they have courage and powerful strength to leap over tall radiation beams in seconds fight obstacles and side affect from chemotherapy that cancer puts in their way. These are some of the strongest positive fighting people I know.

Who can face a deadly disease
(the vilan) and come out fighting with all they have, absorb all the strengh that they have from the support they receive from family and friends. This is where every superhero (cancer survivor) gets their powerful energy from.

Always remember superheros have secret identities in a normal life. And everyonce in awhile superheros need someone to watch over them too.

Show your favorite superhero (cancer survivor) you are proud of the fight they fight each and everyday. (hug,kisses, and hell if they don't like that give them a high five)
Every superhero enjoys "normal" time too.
Your Moshura is some superhero!
I admire all the love in this blog.

I love coming in and reading all the special messages you have for your loved one. This superhero is a fine fighter and very mcuh loved ...God bless you and your fight with cancer.

cancer sucks said...

Ah this morning Machini was having papitis, he just wanted Mike to hold him so there they were in the hall way waiting for Mike to be called and Machini holding Mike around his neck. They called Mike over the PA and Machini wanted to go with Mike and he cried looking at his pappa leaving there was no consoleing him at all,so I asked why he was crying and he said " cause i wanted to be with my pappa and go with him" so I explained that i wanted to go too but that the nurses told us we had to wait till he came out of the room. So he was satisfied with that.

Well today after radiation and we had gotten home Mike was in a cleaning mood, we went into the garage and cleaned the whole damn thing. OMG but it looks super clean , by the time we were done Mike's foot was swollen but as much as i told him to go inside he wanted to stay and finish.
Finally finished he put the foot up and was looking better after a couple of hours.
Mike you are my superhero and i admire your will and for being a fighter (mentally and physcially)

ilove you