Thursday, July 5, 2007

July Already!?

Hope you all had a great July 4th in that Southern Cali heat. It's been hot and humid and yesterday there was a tornado warning! Wahh? Pecos Bill in D.C.? People were asked to evacuate to local museums and had to go through security checkpoints all over again. Must have been a madhouse! Good thing I had a great view of the fireworks from my livingroom window. Hope you got the video on your cell.


cancer sucks said...

Fourth of July was great!

Marco agreed to go to Big Bear for some fireworks to get out. The day started out at noon and it took just about 1 1/2 hours to get there, Marco had us go around the lake and showed us where he would drive.
The weather was hell a hot but we decided to take the kids out. We had the perfect spot for a picnic and to see the fireworks.

Since the sun was still burning and in full sky we had to keep watching Marcos leg so the sun didn't hit it and we keeped moving him into the shade.

After a couple of hours the firework show started it was great!
Machini keeped saying WOW! after every single firework. It was pretty funny.
If DLP asked him to say something else to use a new word so he would use AWESOME!,then WOW! then she asked him to change his word and he would use COOL! and then back to WOW! (funny)

We left late and Marco was doing very well for us being out there for a couple of hours. I think i saw him take a siesta a couple of times.
We may do this next year. We all enjoyed the day being together.

The Wife said...

So today was treatment #20 yup we have 15 more to go. Five more of regular radiation and five of 1 dose and five of 2 dose.

This means that the area that is receiving radiation is going to start coming in closer to the area where the tumor use to be. (instead of being from lower thigh to ankle, it will start to come in further each time toward the calf area to make sure all the area has been radiated and to make sure all cancer cells have been targeted.)

This will be done with lower dosage of radiation than what has been given to him.

The doctor said that Marcos leg looks very good up to now and that he sees no problems with the next booster (the next 15 treatments)but we still need to watch for any changes in the leg.

I am so glad that Marco has been doing very well in the radiation treatment because some of the stories you hear in the waiting room makes you fear of what is to come.
I am glad to be 10 steps in front of myself and expect the worse so i can really appreciate it when we didn't have to get to were it could have.

Marco is an inspiration to all of us and he is surprising all of us with:
Phase I- his speedy recovery from surgery, walking after 2 weeks of surgery, leaving the walker and the crutches behind after 5 weeks of his surgery.

Phase II- Doing amazingly well with the radiation treatment Keep up the good work Marco!

Now we need to focus on Phase III, in about two weeks will know if we will need, how much will be needed and how long will it be for chemotherapy. I will let you know as soon as we know the details

cancer sucks said...

Sorry its me again , thank you for the very informative radio show i liked it very much! When you guys get a chance you should listen to the radio show located on the right of the Moshur's Neighborhood. Very informative!

Marco gave you a 10 on a scale of 1-10 and said you out did yourself on the what is radiation treatment because that is exactly what happens with him. So again if you haven't read on some of the stuff in this blog you need to be informed look and listen to all that is being offered in this blog its all their for you to use.

thank you and I especially appreciate everything you do in here Moshura's sister. luv ya

weezy130 said...

I appreciate it too Moshura's sis! I love you guys and want Moshura to get better. I also want to thank the Wife for being there for our brother every step of the way. How can we ever repay you? I don't know! You all have my unconditional love!!!!

The Wife said...

Today was #21 and all went well, we got to COH 1/2 before our appointment and they called him in right away, it took 1/2 before he came out this time because they took some xray film to prepare for the boost next week.

Well we had to hurry home because I had therapy, got home in time to eat and for me to leave.

Well, I had to leave the house and I told Marco why don't you take me to the therapy place and then you can go run some errands and pick me up when your done.

He said no, that is ok we will wait till you come home and then we can all go together.

When I was on my way home I called the house and told DLP to get ready to leave. She says we did all the errands already. (What!) She said yeah we all ready did everything. I didn't think much about it and went home.

As I opened the door the first thing I noticed was that he had someone cut his hair. OMG!

I couldn't believe it Mr. Hot Shot had it all planned out,he was so sneaky.

I told him he had to tell me where they were going just in case anything happened.

Well he said he told me but I bet it was under his breath cause I am sure I would of heard something. So had taken the truck to go run the errands.

DLP said she asked "Are you sure? Daddy". "Are you sure you can do this?" Machini then says ( in a calm voice) "Momma my daddy was driving today."
I told him "Oh yeah, How did he do?"
he says "Um, good um,huh yeah he did good."

Anyway, that was another amazing day here in the desert. Marco dosen't stop surprising me.

I love you honey!