Monday, July 9, 2007

A Great Weekend in California...

Well this weekend was really nice.

Surviving 3 out of 5 came up this weekend and she invited Marco and all of us to Hesperia Lake for the evening.

SaltnPepper's other half set a fishing pole for Marco and he hesitated at first, he didn't want to cast it out in the lake then he decided what the hell here it goes no one had to hold his hand behind his back.

Marco threw the first cast of the evening out. I was nice to see Marco toss that pole out the lake.

He did mention he might be ready soon to go out deep sea fishing in a couple of months he said.

Sorry to say no one caught any fish that night but we all enjoyed an evening at the lake.

Marco said he may go on Wednesday to see if he could catch something will see what happens he caught all of our attention when he said that. That is a good sign.

Check out the pics!
-Cancer Sucks aka The Wife

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