Saturday, July 28, 2007

Laughlin Looks Better from the Ground Up!

Desert sand and cold streams, fake beaches and syrupy margaritas while connected to slot machines, I know you guys will have fun either way! Great way to celebrate Marco's last radiation appointment today! Have fun!


weezy130 said...

Goodness gracious! It's pure desert! Lake looks much nicer in person!!

The Wife said...

Marco is not as happy as we all are as far as celebrating his last radiation.
I tell him this is something to celebrate
1. that everything that they told us could happened didn't (that is something to celebrate)
2. he didn't get to tired (that is something to celebrate)
3.third degree burn didn't happen (that is something to celbrate)
I told him celebrate is probably the wrong word to use it should be appreciate that it didn't get to were it could have and be thankful for all the good things that did happen.
1. you had radiation to kill the cancer cells
2. the hair loss in the leg was not bad at all.
3. the third degree burn we never saw and the burn you do have is like a bad sunburn
4. the medications that you are taking now have helped alot, thank God that they didn't have to give you poison(chemo) for now .(but that doesn't mean that they aren't looking for a cocktail for the sacroma that you and others have.
5. thankful that we have family day in and day out always helping out and asking how your day was each and everyday of our journey to COH.

So, Marco just cause the cocktail wasn't ready for you this week, in a couple of months or even in a couple of years, you need to focus on how you live for today and tomorrow is another day.
I know you like to look into the future,if you want a sneek-peek into the future I can tell you, you will see the same fighter and courages man we all know today.

Living life with cancer and nothing can get in your way.

So get any negative thoughts out of your head and enjoy yourself today and live one day at a time. Don't rush into knowing what is coming in the far future cause everyone has an unknow futrue and what you feel and do today will determine your future. LIVESTRONG is said for a reason. Not just to wear around your wrist and

It's a saying we should all live by sick or not.

We all love you very much and know that I and everyone will be on you ass to make sure that what you do and feel today guantees you a great (far)future surrounded by all your family and friends.

cancer sucks said...

Thank you for posting all the information that the doctor had spoken to us about, reading it was great and we had a better understanding of what went on in the studies.

I am sure a cocktail will be available for sarcoma cancer and I for one am very happy that the cocktail that they use for cancer patients is not being used on the patients with sarcoma ,cause i couldn't see the doctors giving the cocktail if it doesn't work on this type of cancer.

thanks again for all the info in the blog

weezy130 said...

Thank you the wife for saying this. I love you all!! Let's enjoy being together outside of COH.

weezy130 said...

Saw the Sea Squirt videos. Cool!! I think I ate sea squirts at my friend's wedding! They are good!

One day at a time... said...

In just a few hours we'll get to enjoy a river in the middle of a desert. Not to mention endless food, folks and fun. I am very much looking forward to spending time with our wonderful brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew. Hey I'm turning 36 and who better than Mr. Marcus to remind me of how I'm becoming a "viejita". Looking forward to those jokes that only Marco can come up with.

surviving 3 under 5 said...

I do understand why you wouldn't be celebrating the last day of radiation. You want to celebrate the last day that you have Cancer, right.
For now we are celebrating that you are passing throughsome tough obstacles and you are somehow making it through strong. It is not easy to go through what you and your family are going through. It has been a tough summer. You deserve to recognize that you strength and your courage is admirable. Thank God for every blessing that falls at your feet. Know that you are being given a miracle in medicine. It is a journey that could get bumpy, but right now is calm. Take a deep breath and enjoy a vacation from coh and most importantly have a drink for me. Know we love you

The Wife said...

We are back!!!!!!

I want to thank weezy and one day at a time for a wonderful and exciting three day in Laughlin. It was great spending time together.

I've never seen Marco at he slots for a long period of time like i did these past three days. It was nice to see him enjoying the slots and not just putting a 20 in the machine and walking away 3 seconds later saying nada.

we appreciate everything everyone has given to us emotionally, personally, spiritually, herbally, metally and Marco said we don't know how we are going to repay all that has been given to us from all of the family.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

weezy130 said...