Saturday, July 7, 2007

Marco's Radiation Live!

I think this deserves front page posting:

Today was #21 and all went well, we got to COH 1/2 before our appointment and they called him in right away, it took 1/2 before he came out this time because they took some xray film to prepare for the boost next week.

Well we had to hurry home because I had therapy, got home in time to eat and for me to leave.

Well, I had to leave the house and I told Marco why don't you take me to the therapy place and then you can go run some errands and pick me up when your done.

He said no, that is ok we will wait till you come home and then we can all go together.

When I was on my way home I called the house and told DLP to get ready to leave. She says we did all the errands already. (What!) She said yeah we all ready did everything. I didn't think much about it and went home.

As I opened the door the first thing I noticed was that he had someone cut his hair. OMG!

I couldn't believe it Mr. Hot Shot had it all planned out,he was so sneaky.

I told him he had to tell me where they were going just in case anything happened.

Well he said he told me but I bet it was under his breath cause I am sure I would of heard something. So had taken the truck to go run the errands.

DLP said she asked "Are you sure? Daddy". "Are you sure you can do this?" Machini then says ( in a calm voice) "Momma my daddy was driving today."
I told him "Oh yeah, How did he do?"
he says "Um, good um,huh yeah he did good."

Anyway, that was another amazing day here in the desert. Marco dosen't stop surprising me.

I love you honey!


Moshura's Sister said...

Oooh, fabulous emerald green shorts!

surviving 3 under 5 said...

Well Well Well
you make me proud. I hope we each tackel challenges in our own life like you are. You are showing us some courage to push through each hurdel. I am so proud of you. I love you. cool shorts Ha!

D.L.P. said...

hahha. man i was freakin out. ma dad was like lets go i was like where, umm....weres ma mom??? you arent driving are you?? what are you thinking dad are you crayz. he was all just get ready and get in the car. i was like are you shrr he was all yes!! go. i was all ma mom isnt going to happy. does she no he was all get in the car. so we took a ride. and it was pretty good. i was ok, just glad nuthin bad

One day at a time... said...

Mr. Marcus never ceases to amaze us. I tell u it is the "caballito" in him that keeps him fighting. By the way, love the outfit. Yeah!
P.S. It's great to hear everything you are doing now. U make us proud.

Anonymous said...

Reading this made my day! Moshura you are outstanding!! Can't wait to see you guys on Tuesday!!
Luv Weezy