Tuesday, July 3, 2007

What is Radiation Therapy?

Radiation is a form of energy and is everywhere in the atmosphere. Microwaves zap your food with radiation. The sun heats the earth through radiation. And radiation makes it possible to see broken bones through x-rays. Radiation is also used to kill cancer cells and to shrink tumors. In a nutshell, radiation destroys the genetic material that cancer cells use to reproduce. Without the code needed to multiply, cancer cells eventually shrink and die off. The machines used to target cancer cells must be extremely precise to prevent damage to surrounding healthy cells. Radiation can also be applied inside the body using seeds and pellets about the size of a grain of rice and made out of radioactive material which are placed on or near the cancer site. Moshura's radiation is a targeted external radiation therapy using high energy rays to shrink any cancer cells surrounding the area where the tumor was removed from his leg. I imagine the machine used for his radiation is similar to the one in the video above. They can tell you more about it. I think the video provides a good visual of what it may be like. Above is one man's experience during radiation treatment of his brain tumor.


D.L..P. said...

well that basically is ratdiation. well today at the radiation place it was like cosco mixed with michaels in one.lol. cause since fourth of july is just..well..tomorrow..they were sorta celebrating it there today so anyways...they had a little art center.[[michaels]] and on the table they had cookies and lemonaid.[[cosco]] so it was pretty cool. and yummy.lol

have a happy fourth of july everyone!!!!!!!!

Moshura's Sister said...

What? No indoor fireworks!? So did you make anything while you were burning off your lemonade-cookie sugar high?

The Wife said...

Today was a nice day at radiation like DLP said it was like arts and crafts and aile 9 at Costco on Monday when they give you free samples. Machini wanted to organize the napkins cause he thought they were out of place.

They had red, white and blue ribbon cut out with some pins so you could make your own Fourth of July ribbon to pin on your clothes.
The cookies where set out nicely with flag napkins. Some of the patients were leid with red,white and blue hawaiian lei.

Fourth of July will be a resting day from radiation.

Marco's mood has been good he even got real funny today coming home, the grass needs cutting so Marco wanted to make a deal with me. (he would help ofcourse) He said he would help with he grass cutting if he sat under the tree with a tall glass of lemonade and i would cut the grass in 108 degree weather the boy is out of his damn mind i tell you. Marco just laughed.

weezy130 said...

I'm glad to hear that! Love you guys! Take care! I'm here with you and for you!

Rodrigo said...
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