Friday, August 24, 2007

Hips Don't Lie!!

So this is not a Shakira posting - although I am sure the wife and DLP have had their share of hip shimmying - but this serves as a posting to let The Wife know that we are all thinking about you and hoping the best outcome on the unfortunate news of possible hip surgery. Wow, 2007 has been a ^&^&$! Keep us posted on what happens. We're all praying all goes well!!! In the mean time, some not so pretty - but informative - pictures of hip anatomy.


The Wife said...

2007 hasn't been the worst ever!
Papa M first mini stroke, Marco and now me. When it rains ,it pour.

Well Marco has been doing really well, he ate like PIG at Momma's today. Carne asada, grilled chicken ,cat fish that Marco caught at the lake.

We got a visit from Bet's and the wife. All the kids had fun with the karaoke and Machini had a ball all the toys and supplies Weezy gave him.
We enjoyed a nice day in HP.

Friday 8/31 UCLA appointment for the wife

weezy130 said...

Yes. A lot of challenges have happened this year. We are a strong and connected family. We will get through this. The Wife you have our complete support and love. We will be there on Friday. Seeing you guys makes us really happy. DLP and Machini are cuties! Moshura and the Wife Hang In There!!! Luv Ya!!

philippine_nurses said...

Sad year! Hope it goes well next year. Hope! Hope!