Thursday, August 2, 2007

Ocean of Hope 2007

There's a Sarcoma Fundraiser / Paddle Boad Race happening in Manhattan beach soon. Thought you all may be interested in checking it out. Any time's a good time to hang out at the beach, might as well do it for a good cause. Details here:

Visit the The Sarcoma Alliance and click on page O2H website for details: Here is a blurb from the site.

Ocean of Hope 2007
Dedicated to the Sea of People Affected by Sarcoma

Please join the Sarcoma Alliance on August 26, 2007 in celebrating the 8th annual Ocean of Hope campaign (O2H). This is a day dedicated to the sea of people affected by cancer, and specifically those with sarcoma. It's a day filled with optimism and hope. It's a day where sarcoma patients, friends, families and their caregivers meet, share stories, and bond with supporters like you. It's a day when you know that "You are Not Alone." Team O2H is a group of paddleboarders who dedicate their race in the Catalina Classic to the Sarcoma Alliance. This dedication honors those with this rare and deadly form of cancer and assists them to find the guidance, education, and support that they need. This team of courageous men and women will be individually paddling 32 miles in the Pacific Ocean, spanning six to eight hours in the waters from Catalina Island to Manhattan Beach. On that day, many courageous patients with sarcoma will devote similar hours in treatment, preparing for surgery, or resting up for another week of radiation. Every year the Ocean of Hope paddlers travel across the unpredictable seas while navigating waves and unknown treachery. They are steadfast in their determination to reach the shore. Similarly, sarcoma patients navigate the unpredictable seas of diagnosis, treatments, and uncertainty. Read more...

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weezy130 said...

Spending time with you guys was great! Moshura is doing well! I admire you for that! Hang in there buddy! I love you guys!!!
I looked up Ocean of Hope but only saw contributions. It be nice to also go and show support. Anyone interested?