Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Scarybration

For more comments see previous posting, excerpt from the wife:

The Wife said...
ok you guys, it wasn't that bad.
i mean we just had to hear all 4 big wild voices till 3am (salt n pepper, jesus, moshura, surviving3under5)some cars that would pass by , not to mention the motorcycles that would rev as they passed by.

At least(not that we would know)we didn't get to sleep near a fire ant hole. (CVSKid did)

i thought putting up a tent was easy 1,2,3 yeah right.(2 and 1/2 hours later) maybe if salt n pepper had all the right connections in the right place it would have taken a half an hour.

But just think of it this way if we didn't have all this, we wouldn't have our own camping stories. (this was our first camping trip together)

So let see lets turn this adventure around, shall we.....damn the carne asada was good, the chile, torts, rice and beans were delicious.

Seeing Jesus bring in the just caught catfish to the camp site to cook was a treat ,not to mention delicious(all 3under5 attacked Jesus for some of the cooked catfish and Machini was not far behind.)

And what about the melting JACKPOT cake that was funny, salt n pepper had to take it home to put in the fridge till we needed it. All the boys took off fishing while the girls relaxed, ate, and drank. Till it was time to put the tent up that was funny and a neck choking experience.

Pictures speak louder than words and I think we all had an amazing time together in the wild.

HP Momma seemed to love it all. The night got even better with the camp fire and clear night shooting star entertainment was breath taking. Then what about the fish on the grill we forgot about , they didn't look to the same the next morning.

What about being woken up my DLP at 3:30 am to say that Moshura was MIA after leaving on a nature call and didn't return to the nest. DLP ran to call me just to find Mushura (MIA) at the foot of the camp fire like a sleeping little bird with his head leaning forward.

Then we couldn't go to sleep ,so as soon as weezy's tummy said i think we need something to munch one,so we all agreed and started to make smore's at 4am that was great we all enjoyed smore's and we got see the sun rise.

Then we couldn't convince CVSKid to call in sick to work to enjoy the rest of the camp out and so we all started to pack up our camping area and left all the wilderness behind with alot of stories to take back.

I think we can hang once a year and then we know we will be more prepared the next time around.(yeah right) Till next year
(I think it will be fun).

Family time well spent!
Thank you all for coming out to camp and being brave little indians.

2:49 PM

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The Wife said...

I love seeing those pictures!
You can see everyone enjoying the day and night camping. We all had a great time.
No matter what everyone is saying about the bugs, fire ants,car alarms etc.,etc.

ok,ok, we all mad the very best of our adventure and maybe in a year when we forget about our camping adventure we will try it again(hehe)
I really like seeing the pictures.

Well, Marco is at the lake wanting to catch some catfish with Machini. He drove himself there and has been driving places so that is a very good sign.

9-30 COH with Trisal and will see if he can go back to work and how soon. Just around the corner appointment with COH for CT SCAN and will see if the radiation did its job to kill all cancer cells in Marco's leg. Please add an extra hour of prayer time.(JK)