Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Not Afraid of Little Spiders


The Wife said...

i love this picture! Well today we had an appointment for a CT Scan at COH and it didn't take long before Moshura went in and came out.

Tomorrow we will be at COH at 1:30 to have the results and to see when Moshura can go back to work.

This appointment will let us know if the lungs are cleared and no trace of cancer in the Moshura's lungs.

The waiting of test results is what i hate. But it is something we have to do. Till tomorrwo , will see what Dr.T has to say.

Our baby turns 4 tomorrow!
He is so excited. I told him that when he wakes up tomorrow he will be 4 years old and he said he wanted to be 3 still.

He didn't want me to tell DLP that he would wake up tomorrow and be 4 cause he wanted to surprise her.

Then he said that no one called to ask what he wanted for his birthday ,so he said "I have a great idea! You can wrap all the 99 cent toys you have and i will open them up. Yeah! Does that sound like a good idea? huh momma.

i just laughed and he looked at me like saying i am serious.(hahaha)

weezy130 said...


One day at a time... said...

Spideyboy looks awesome!! Looking forward to Saturday to see SpideyMachini in action.