Thursday, September 6, 2007

Hip Hip Hurray!!!

There's lots to celebrate today!! Happy Birthday Machito and Happy Exam Day to Moshura!! Glad to know the results from the CT scan came back A-O.K.! By the way, I know times are tough, but are you guys cutting Machito's hair? Tres flores to the rescue!!


weezy130 said...

It was wonderful to celebrate Machini's birthday before I left. HE IS SOOO ADORABLE!!! LOVE THAT BOY!!! Just came from COH. Met a great and lovely couple. She is fighting Leukemia. WE GOT GREAT NEWS TODAY!

The Wife said...

yes we did get good news today!
The CT Scan should no signs of cancer cells forming. In 3 months a MRI of the leg and in 6 months another CT Scan of the lungs.

The doctor said that with sarcoma patients a reoccurence can occur in about 2 years. Doctor told us what to look for and some signs to watch out for.

Other than that our Sarcoma Cancer Survivor can go back to what he loves fixing T.V's.

It was great to see Moshura's face and smile to know that he is able to go back to work without any restrictions.

MM I admire you for being so strong and brave through all of this and I now that you will continue to LIVE STRONG.

One day at a time... said...

Hope Machini enjoyed his birthday. From the look of his smile, I think he did. It was also great to hear Marcus' great news!!! Looking forward to celebrating both of these wonderful boys' excellent adventures:)

Laura Vargas said...

Hi Everyone,
I'm happy to hear that Marcos is doing VERY GOOD! "Hang in there Marcos" you're a strong person surrounded by a wonderfull family.

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, Machini!! I see you had a party at Grandma's I hope you enjoyed your party. Cake looks yummi!!

I looked around but could not see anything on MM "aka Shakira's hips" test results. I hope all is well.

It was nice seeing you guys a few weeks ago. Hopefully we can get together soon, give us a call.

Take care,
Laura Vargas

surviving 3 under 5 said...

I wanted to share the overwhelming happiness that I felt today. I am already weepy to think that today Machini's birth day( a miracle in itself) is now associated forever as the day we got Marco's clear bill of health. Days like this reassures us that we have to keep strong, live life to the fullest and trust that there is a better day waiting for us tommorrow.