Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Short but Sweet!

I am glad you all had a chance to each celebrate this little boy's birthday last week, even in a modest way. By the look on his face I am sure he thought it was the grandest thing. He looks very happy! Hey, two small cakes do equal one big one! Anyway, glad to know you all were able to do a little something when it looked like it was going to be the roughest week ever. Hope the hip is doing better with the new herbal treatments from el indio amazonico :)


Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to see smiling faces! It looks like Machini enjoyed his day! That is good to keep the spirit up! A lot of challenges are happening. Keep up the hope and faith! Love Weezy130

One day at a time... said...

Machini's Spidey B-Day was truly a great day. He got lots of goodies and I think he had a great time too. I think that Moshura and the Wife also had a great time and were awesome hosts. We all really enjoyed it. We also celebrated Marcus going back to work. I think that Marcus is the only one that actually wants to go back to work. I don't mind taking a few weeks off:)

Doctor David said...

What a wonderful blog you have here! I've been following your story for the past couple of weeks, and coming here always brings a smile to my face because of the bright smiles so prominently posted.

Keep up the good work!

David Loeb, MD, PhD