Sunday, September 16, 2007

True V.I.P.s: Moshura and the Wife

Photo: The Wife and Marco and familia enjoying an Angel's game (we won't tell the Dodgers they were dressed in red, and matching, and enjoying a Bud lite!)

Written by The Wife:

Well its been a week since Moshura returned to work. All is well, he says he hasn't missed a beat. Said it feels like he never left. I as well as the whole family have been overjoyed with the exciting news Dr. T had given Moshura on 9/6 saying:

Moshura MAY RETURN TO WORK FULL CAPACITY and NO RESTRICTIONS those words came out in slow motion.

I wish I could have had a camera that day to have taken a picture of Moshura's face. He was very happy to get the A-OK from Dr.T.

Everyone at work was very excited to have Moshura back at CC.

On Monday 9/10 we went to CC to pick up the van. This was a very exciting day.

Moshura woke up as if it were his first day on the job, got all cute (as if he needs help) and like a little kid was anxious to get there. As we arrived to CC he looked so excited to go in and see all of his friends and glad to be back. That was a good feeling seeing him so happy to go back after all he's been through these last couple of months.

I get very sentimental just thinking of all that he has gone through and endured before his diagnosis and after his operation. But the sentimental feeling is of a proud feeling not so much sadness, well, hell I'd be lying... its all in a mix.

You can say there are times when the feeling is very angry but most of all it’s a proud (satisfying) feeling to have my husband as a "CANCER SURVIVOR" and our two kids, all of our family and friends. We have come so far in this path that was put in our life.
I feel proud to have a man who values his life as a husband, father, son, and brother. He faced the most difficult challenge in life and came out with his head held high.

Moshura and I always have conversations about how we see things differently now. We see that fighting or worrying about the little things in life are pointless.

You don't know the real meaning till someone near and dear to your heart is affected by cancer or something so horrible that it brings your whole world to a complete stand still in a blink of an eye. Then you realize what it means that those little things in life are pointless.

We see that when someone in the work place or on the street would talk about one of their loved ones with cancer and we ourselves would say "I'm sorry" but we didn't know what to say at the moment. Now we know what "I'm sorry" means, it means: I feel for what your loved one is going through or went through. Now, we know what it really means.

The one thing we both see is that it doesn't matter what you've done in your past, how good you think your life was going or feel that you will be rewarded for the good you've done. "Bad " things do happen to "Good" people.

We know this is not the end of Moshura's journey with sarcoma cancer. We'll still have the 3rd month check up coming up and the 6th month CT Scan (when that time comes, we will deal with our anxiety) but we will not let it be our constant anxiety in our daily lives. We will take it one day at a time.

Our compadres from Mexico told us this and this should be something we all take to our own lives whether you're sick or not.


No one is promised tomorrow. We all need to take this and use it in our daily lives.

Moshura is living proof that nothing was going to get him down not even "CANCER".


One day at a time... said...

Wife. Very well said. You can tell that these words came from the heart. It's great to hear that Mr. Marcus is doing much better. Hope you are doing better too:)

weezy130 said...

I'm glad to hear things are getting better! I love you guys and wish you could be here to see, taste, and experience what I have so far! One day it'll happen! Miss ya! I'll be coming home soon! I think DLP might like it here! The shopping part she'll love! Taxes are less on clothes! Woo! Hoo!! Love ya!