Tuesday, October 23, 2007


If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies.

~Author Unknown


The Wife said...

Looking and reading about the butterfly ,it made me realize something, that life is somewhat similar to how a butterfly transforms.

Life can also feel like we are trapped in a cocoon at times.

You feel like everything around you has closed in, feeling claustrophobic with no where to turn and all you can see is the darkness and somewhat alone.

Just like the butterfly, you start to see the light, you see that the very thing that took you to the dark place,has now changed and you start to feel like you can spread your wings and enjoy your new life that we all take for granted.

The wind beneath the butterflies wing whick help keep it high in the sky are your friends and family that help you when your at you worst.

The beautiful colors on the butterflies wings is the joy that you feel and share with all the world when the one you love feels better.

Damn that was cheezy but i think i like it. (haha)

weezy130 said...

I liked what The Wife said about feeling the joy when you know the ones you love are feeling better. I hope you both feel better and better. You have my complete support. I love you guys. Also, Thanks Moshura's sister for the work you put forth on this blog.