Friday, November 23, 2007

Meet the Gobblers

From Salt N Pepa:


Cancer … now I know why people are so frightful of such word
It represents the destruction, of the inner solitude, the rebellion of a character,
The uncertainty of the future, the pain unspoken, the torture of the spirit
The drowning of hope
And yet, I pray…
I pray that the Holy Spirit with its magnificent light enlighten the spirit of those
Who are struggling with cancer, cancer of any kind, so they all have the strength and the endurance throughout their treatment!
I pray that all of us that are nearby will find the right words to let them know that we are willing
To make their lives a little more bearable, if that is possible.
I pray too, for the wisdom to make you happy, so you’ll be distracted from the cancer. I’ll try to
Make you laugh. Someone said that laughter is the miracle healer. We need to go back to those days that you, were happy. We need to bring them back to you.
We need to hold on to the dearest things in your life starting with God.
Know that He will not leave you all alone. He is right next to you
Holding your hand as you walk this terrible path
He is within you. Pull your strength from His Divine Light. Ask Him to keep you strong, ask Him
To walk with you and don’t forget us, the ones that love you,
The ones that will be there with you and for you, in the best way we can, because your pain is our pain
Know that you are not alone!
When the treatment is over and the worst has past, we’ll be stronger than before.
We will learn to appreciate life and we will respect each other more
You will know that God never left you alone, yet you might think “For how long?
My life will never be the same?”
You are absolutely right! From now on you’ll have to be aware of any new symptom or re occurrence
I pray that we will have the patience handy for you when you need it.
I pray that we can recognize the effects and reactions that the treatment might pose on you, and that
Our patience and love will acknowledge the symptoms that are identified as the anger, the change in
Character the mood swings, the unpredictable reactions to any situation, and help us recognize those as
Symptoms, from the medicine and not take the offences so personally. We should face the situation with dignity, understanding, and love.
Yet life will seem more worth living. Life is short, and not just for you, but for all of us. Enjoy it, live it, and share it with us. Be happy with us, and thank God for it, with us. Never forget.. You are not alone!

From a friend, who will be praying for you and who’s only wish is for you never to lose faith or hope.


weezy130 said...

That is nice to see you all spend Thanksgiving with your loved ones! Hope you enjoyed your day! Did Moshura fry his famous turkey?

The Wife said...

This Thanksgiving was very hard to talk on the phone let alone speak to people in person especially to say THANK YOU! I think I did my very best and tell Moshura's sister that I was very greatful for eveyone being there for Moshura.
Trying to hold back a river of tear of gratitude even now I am sobing like a child.

At my mom's house B came up with a good ideas to write what we were gratful for and she would read it. I don't think I would of made it through the first line if I had to do it myself.

But I appreiate from the bottom of my heart every prayer, thought, $ and emotional support we recieved from each and everyone in our family.
Times got tough but we were very glad that everyone was there for us. It meant alot.

The 26th of this month will be 4 months since Moshura had his last radiation. November 8, was 6 months since Moshura's operation.

I am so looking forward to 2008 to have a fresh new start.



weezy130 said...


Surviving 3 under 5 said...

Salt and Pepper said it so elequently. We are thankful to be part of a family that will come together and make enormous efforts to help when needed. Today we Celebrate that we made it through and we are stronger.
We have a lot to give thanks for.

Kim Drew said...

Do you mind if I copy this and post for my friends to see? I am currently fighting STS. I am very sorry about your loss. God Bless!