Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What a year!

A report from Surviving 3 under 5 from the frontlines:
Tables have changed in the household. The wife is in bed and immobile and Marco is running to the pharmacy and tending to his patient as well as he can. I feel for you all. The Wife is a tough patient. Don't think of making a false move...she will give you a glare that will take the blood out of your veins. Ha Ha. She was comparing notes with Marco about hallucinations caused by the meds...I guess she really believes all of the cooky stories Marco use to tell her about when he was at City Of Hope. She says that she just chuckles sometimes about how silly the visions are. On a serious note she is getting stronger and working hard to be more mobile each day.
Love you all.


Anonymous said...

Yes it has been a year! We are looking forward to 2008. We will take one day at a time. It is an every day battle. Moshura and the Wife hang in there. We love you.
Love Weezy

One day at a time... said...

Just hang in there folks. I know that it is hard but hopefully time will make it better for the Wife and Moshura. Kudos to Moshura for being the busy bee. Also, thanks a bunch for helping us out this weekend with the home improvement stuff. You are tops Mr. Marcus. Love you all:)