Monday, December 3, 2007

Happy Holidays Guys...

I dunno'? Too early? I thought it was the perfect time! I hope you all are doing great and enjoying this great holiday season. Hope to see you soon!!!


weezy130 said...

Looking forward to spending the holidays with you guys! Still looking for Machini's Transformer. They don't make them how they used to back in the day! Tomorrow Moshura goes in for his MRI.

The Wife said...

We are back from M&M's MRI,it was very interesting i was able to sit in the MRI room with him with ear plugs.
After 1 1/2 we were out of the room and on our way home.
We will be back to COH on Thursday for the results or as M&M says to see if he renews another 3 month contract.

UMMM......just had to tell you that we brought a chocolate cake we need the fat cells.

I would tell you guys i would share but i would be lying.

you know that cake was gone as soon as we saw the damn thing in the box..... you wouldn't be able to smell it was gone so quick!
but i just thought i'd share the visual on it.

till next time......

One day at a time... said...

I love this picture of you guys!! Hey it's the holidays!! Indulge:) Mr. Marcus can definitely renew his caballito membership for as long as he wants. We miss you and look forward to seeing you very soon. The house is coming along just need Mr. Marcus' home improvement expertise.