Sunday, February 17, 2008

CancerCare: Living With, Through and Beyond Cancer

The Survivorship Series is here! Click on the image above to ZOOM IN on this year's schedule!!

I was very excited to get this year's CancerCare telephone workshop schedule in the mail. I participated last year and it was very useful and interesting! Check out the post from last year's workshop. By participating, I mean I dialed in while I was at work, and just listened to what many healthcare professionals and providers as well as survivors had to say about coping with cancer.

It was easy to sign up and select the workshops. Maybe you should listen in on this year's series? There are three different topics on different dates: Communicating with your Doctor about Follow-Up Care, Rediscovering Intimacy following Treatment, and Family, Friends and Loved Ones.

There are lots of other workshops and information brochures available on the CancerCare site. I just thought this survivorship series was cool. So why not register and dial in? We won't get mad at you if you don't, or if you have to hang up while on the call, you don't have to say a thing while on the call. Being incognito and just eavesdropping is pretty much the idea here!

So here's the deal. Register with the folks at CancerCare via the website. Easy as pie. It's also free. Sweeeet!


The Wife said...

Thank you for this information Moshuras Sister. I registered today. I have signed up for several sessions because I also have my uncle in Guad. who just finished his last chemo.(heavy dose) for prostate cancer and some of these topics will be informative.

I hope listening to these sessions will bring us a better understanding and useful information to all who listen in.

weezy130 said...

I signed up for the June 24th workshop. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

from one day at a time...
Sorry I haven't logged in in a while. I do check this site often and I am very interested in signing up for some of the workshops. I am definitely going to look into it. Hope everything is going well with everyone. Take care!

surviving 3 under5 said...

Your web site continues to amaze me. Thank you for all your efforts. I am signing up today. It is really important that we all share in the continued journey that this Cancer brings to our family. It is multidimentional and we all could use more info.

Mary said...

Hi, I just came across your blog! I had bone sarcoma, but we can't focus too much on our differences, since sarcoma is so rare in the first place. :-)

Has your family heard of Team Sarcoma? It's a neat international effort to raise sarcoma awareness and research funds. It will be happening this summer, and there's more info here:

Take care, and much hope for Moshura's recovery.