Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Who's afraid of long needles?

From The Wife:
Well, today we got the surgery date. Marco is scheduled for surgery next week Thursday, May 1st.

M&M (Marco) was asking if we could request to have the same recovery room at City of Hope because he loved the view. He was trying to figure out what the menu read and what he liked from the menu.....I told him I loved the cream of wheat and the ice cream and he couldn't remember what he liked.

Everyone is doing a little better this time around knowing that M&M is being taken care of at COH. Like we all said from day one - we know he is a fighter and nothing will bring him down. We will help him fight-on and we will rally together to get M&M through this again.

I would like to take this time to thank Weezy for being brave at the donor center at COH. One Day at a Time, The Wife and Weezy gave it their all to donate blood for the up coming surgery for M&M. In case blood is needed, it will be used by someone in need of blood.

Well as the day went on we all got brave and walked in the center determined to donate blood. Little did we know we would be faced with a thousand questions that made you think twice about going to the next level (there was three steps to be approved) all for the good of the patients at COH.

As we all followed in a row through each step it looked like we would all be eligible to donate. I was first to be called and was rejected because of my hip surgery 5 months ago. That feeling of rejection was harsh. I walked out of the room with my head hanging in disappointment. One Day at a Time passed me by with a smile on her face knowing she would be donating and not even five minutes passded and she too came out with her smile upside down...rejected! We waited for Weezy to come out as well. She was taking a lot longer than we all did.

We were all laughing. Weezy would be the one to be eligible to donate! She was the main one not sure if she could go through it in the first place because of the long needles. We were very proud of her bravery and came out like champ with a new T-Shirt.

Great Job!!

The Wife


weezy130 said...

Thank you The Wife. I truly appreciated your support and everyone who was there and waited for me Moshura, your parents-Grandma & Grandpa, Momma M., Machini, and One Day At A Time. I thought your dad was kidding when he said long needles...
Like you said we will help M&M fight on! I love you guys:)

Anonymous said...

One Day at a Time said...

Yep. I went in there with the intentions of donating blood for Mr. Marcus and how disappointing to learn that my iron was too low. Rejected! Needless to say I am now taking my vitamins and looking forward to a nice juicy steak (supposedly it has lots of iron not to mention fat but I will make the sacrifice for Mr. Marcus:). I just wanted to let my brother know that I never had a second thought to donating my blood (even if the needles are huge!). I will give him anything I can humanly possibly give because I love him so much. We will be there next week and any time you need us. Just ask.

Jill and John said...

Hi! I just found your blog.
I am a sarcoma survivor/fighter too! And coincidently, I work at City of Hope. Small world! Best to you and your family.
(I look forward to following your blog!)


Lazy T II said...

Who's afraid of long needles????? I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More power to weezy130, the wife, and one day at a time for doing that. Everybody from my side is pulling for you Marco. Stay positive Marco, I need your help with many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many projects. And we have to squeeze a fishing trip in there somewhere. See you on Thursday night (even though you might not remember that I am there.

Anonymous said...

surviving 3 under 5 says:
I know you all would face greater fears than just large needles for your sunshine Marcs. He has a wonderful family. He is lucky to have you all by his side to make the travel a little lighter.