Monday, May 19, 2008

The All-in-One Remedy

Don't you wish there were one little pill that took away everything that sucked about life?

I know you guys are trying hard to hang in there, especially after the Wife's latest news.

I can't wait to see you all this week!!


Anonymous said...

One Day at a Time said...
I know that all of us have hectic lives and busy days but I feel that what we deal with on a daily basis is minute in comparison to what you guys deal with. I worry about dishes and laundry getting done, dinner getting cooked and getting myself ready for the next day. I'm sure you are both dealing with soooooo much more. It's just not fair that as Marcus is recovering, the Wife has to deal with other situations. I can only try to understand what you are going through but I know it's not possible. We really want to help you and just know that we are here for you. Let us know if there is anything you need. We love you guys a lot and just know that we will do anything possible to try to make things as "less stressful" as possible.

Lazy T II said...

I love that pill!! The #18 team needs a prescription for that after the last race. On a more serious note, like one day at a time said, we will do anything within our power to help out. You know we care about you all. Hope to see you soon.

The Wife said...

Happy Birthday Weezy!
I hope you enjoyed your day today and the surprise we all gave you.

We want to thank everyone for everything.
If only this little pill really exsisted life I'm sure would be very different.

weezy130 said...

Thank you guys for the best surprise ever. Seeing you made my day! The cupcakes and biscotti were delicious.

Wish you a speedy recovery from your biopsy and surgery today. Hopefully soon we will know what is causing the pain so you can begin treatments and begin to heal.

You and Marco please hang in there.
We are all here for you guys. Luv ya!