Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fighting Sarcoma Rally Monkey

From The Wife:

Introducing our very own rally monkey to help us all feel a little better while Marco is in surgery. This monkey carries a lot of little badges of courage representing everything we have overcome. Like the color yellow for cancer and the purple ribbon for lung cancer. These monkeys have been made with lot of love for everyone to share.

We hope you like them...

Marco I know you will be alright and we will be back home soon. I love you very much.

Also, if anyone is interested in purchasing a rally monkey family for your loved ones, please email us at We will be happy to give you the details on a token of support for your loved one. Made with love by the wife and family to help all of you get through this! Contact us!


Moshura's Sister said...

Haa haa! Those monkeys are a trip. Love 'em!

weezy130 said...

Those rally monkeys were a big hit at COH! Thanks to the Wife and Gramdma L. for making them. They are cute!! They did help a lot while Marco was in surgery. I appreciate all who were there in body, mind, and spirit. Seeing him after surgery made me realize just how special he is to us.
Luv u guys!!!!

Lazy T II said...

It was nice to see Marco up and around after the surgery. It was also nice to see everybody there just to support him. Just goes to show how special you are to a lot of people!

Lazy T II

PS.... Just remember Marco, chicks dig scars. :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Be ready for the adventures of my Sarclungcer Rally Monkey, I figure it sounds like a knights name and knights are fighters like you Marco. We were so happy to hear that you did like our surprise project. It was planed, design, cut, stitched and given each Rally Monkey a special personality, with lots of love and admiration for you. You were in our minds in every stitch, and every smile we had as each Rally Monkey became alive with its own personality, we could only laugh, and laugh, and it was just wonderful the reaction we had with every single one as it was finished. I hopped that you had the same reaction with them as we did. So without thinking we clench to our Rally Monkey, as you were in surgery and to tell you the truth, mine help me too, my Sarclungcer and I had only one thing in mind, to ask and prey that the sarcoma be completely off your lung. My Rally Monkey ended-up to be very tricky with me when I needed it. I took pictures for you, so now you know, that you have a cavalry behind you, all of us plus our Rally Monkeys fighting with our support for you. Look out for the pictures, you'll love them!
(I think that this Rally Monkey did lots of good to all of us) I'm so thankful to see you recuperating so well.
Keep Strong, and Stronger.
We love you very much!

Anonymous said...

One Day at a Time said:
We were very happy to see that your surgery went well and we got to enjoy your "caballito" sense of humor again. Cannot imagine what it feels like for u right now but I can tell you this. You are probably one of the bravest people I have ever known (especially when you have to sit there in pain and listen to my or Lazy T's silly conversations). We are glad you are out of ICU and even though you are not yet "up and around" (get it right Lazy T.) we are glad you are in recovery and soon will be out of the hospital.

d.l.p said...

well those monkeys were a great hit at city of hope! everyone wanted to no where they could get one were we had gotten ours from. it was funny.
so looks like my mom and grandma will b going into the monkey buisness...(pram-pa)...
well dad you looking good..even though hes still over there outta breath as if he just got outta lung surgery...can you bree-f?