Saturday, August 9, 2008

My How We've Changed!

These pictures were taken 4 years ago in August 2004. What's going on with you four years later? I'm sure lots. But, anything you want to share...With us in the FSTS neighborhood :)? I'll go first: I am glad Moshura's lung cancer tumors were nabbed in May (and that we're still on the lookout for more) and that I have you crazy people to keep me up to date on everything while I am here on the opposite coast. Also, that I am done with school and can devote more time to the blog once summer is over. Just waiting for my vacation in September and possibly new job and then things will fall into place, I promise... With a new look and new features!! You'll see!


weezy130 said...


D.L.P said... the last 4 years those pictures were taken in aug. of 04 so i was starting the 6th grade..then in 05 i went into jr. seemed like such a WOW!! but now 2 years after that i finally am offical freshman back a the bottom of the food chain lol jk.
but wow it just seems like yesturday you all were telling me storys that began with "well when you go to high school..." now im finally there,here,in high school i feel so short though haha everyone grew like a foot...its pretty funny..
well my first day was fun...its amazing thing is that not one of my teachers miss pernounced my may not seem like much but that is a very big deal to me..not in any of my young school years has all of my teachers said my name correctly..its great..i was amazed. SO TEACHERS ARE REALLY SMART..THEY JUST DONT TAKE THE TIME TO LOOK AT A PERSONS NAME
well i have so crakhead teachers one inperticular who come out with the most random stuff at the most random time which is pretty crayz..and let me tell you it is a jungle trying to get to you 1st period,lunch and leave the school..there are so many rediculous..and did i mentions they are
a lot has happend in the last 4 years i became a teenager..i started jr.high...and now as of today im offically in high school as a still im AHHHH!


weezy130 said...

Give it another 4 years.
For some reason in high school the first day of school is sooo crowded and as the days pass it lightens up a bit. I'm glad you had a good first day of school!

Moshura's Sister said...

Well, I'm sure you won't have any problems being at the bottom of the food chain! :) You can hold your own and work your way around these fish and laugh at their silly games. Time flies so take advantage of this time to see what you might wanna do later in life. I have to admit, I don't even remember high school! I was always too busy trying to figure out how I was gonna get home... Did I mention that when I was your age, I had to walk 3 miles to get to school? It was that or take a public bus filled with thugs and crackheads just to get home... you have it so easy!! hahaha, I am sure you hear that all the time. Well, I am sure times are different now so let us know if you need anything. I am sure your parents are freaking out about you being a highschool girl, or as you've phrased it - fresh meat!! Ahem - and this is why I haven't had kids... take it away Wife!

The Wife said...

Moshuras Sister you had me laughing this morn'n.

Our little girl is now in High School and its a bitter sweet time I guess. Growing up and going to the "BIG kid school".... its funny cause that is what i use to tell her when she started kinder.

Now she is a beautiful intellegent young lady. We are so proud of her. Even though she tries to test the waters at times. DLP have fun and enjoy the next four years.

2 1/2 more weeks for NASCAR!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

One day at a time said...
Wow to be in high school again. Just enjoy it and if I can get in tia and teacher mode, study, get involved and have fun. I might as well tell you now that you'll get a mix when it comes to teachers. Just do what u need to do to get into college. LMU?, UCLA? GEORGETOWN? Hey if you decide to go to USC you can come by and visit. You can help us at school. Yeay!!! Even though it might not seem like it, you do have the advantage of time so if you get cracking now you'll be enjoying your "riches" (I'll let you define that). I am very proud of you and I am looking forward to your high school and college graduation:) For now let's look forward to NASCAR.

Anonymous said...

the LAZY T says..........

There was a 4 years ago...????? When did this happen?????? Time flys when your having fun I guess. I only have one thing to say though.......

Anonymous said...

Surviving 3 under 5 says:
Imagine Nanushki is a Freshman. You are going to have so much fun. Take advantage of all the things you can do get involved and be great. In a short time you will be planning college. I know you are going to do great because everything you do is great. Your parents are really proud of what a fine young lady you are becoming.Reach for your dreams nanushki, you can do anything you can dream of. Write down your goals...then take small steps in everything you do to make that goal your reality. love you