Friday, November 28, 2008

BBQ Turkey - But not at COH!

Weezy (Videographer), The Wife (Fire Starter), Moshura (Head Chef), ODAT (Observer)


Gobble,Gobble,Gobble hear the turkey sing.....but not for long.

We are all so thankful and greatful to everyone for again being their for us especially M&M.

Thanksgiving is an especially emotional time for me......because i know that there is no way in my life time that i will be able to repay all the support we have gotten from each and everyone in the family. And i mean, the support comes from miles away and we appreciate it all.

Saying thank you and not crying would be something i will never be able to do again because THANK YOU has a whole different meaning and appreciation.
The tears i am shedding even now are far deeper than just a simple thank you and gratitude for all that has been done for us.

I being with a great big Thank You!for asking to see how we all are, calling,cooking,walking with Machini in the rose garden,having lunch and dinner at the Bistro with DLP and Machini while we all wait to hear that M&M is out of surgery,cleaning,financial help,e-mails by the dozen,long distance calls,you name it.
To Dr. T we owe a great deal too, his surgical hands has again saved M&M's leg for the second time and to him i am sincerly thankful and for COH i don't even need to express how we all feel of COH it is a place of comfort to be there and know that M&M is in good hands.

Know that all is appreciated and we love you all. Now let's have some turkey!



Anonymous said...

One Day at a Time Said...
Very well said the Wife. Even though this was a comment the Wife made before we got together for the Thanksgiving holiday,it was so touching and so relevant on Thanksgiving Day. You could tell how much the family really loved and appreciated each others' company. We were so grateful for having the Wife and Marcus host us even after all they have been through these past few days. They were the most gracious hosts and made it a point to make everyone feel welcomed and attended to. The Wife outdid herself with her catering skills and Mr. Marcus is definitely a pro at barbequeing a turkey. Very few people try it but Mr. Marcus accomplished it with perfection:) Thanks again for allowing us to be part of your celebration. I now truly understand how important family is and the time that we spend together either laughing, joking or just eating (we definitely did a lot of that!) Looking forward to the next celebration and we are definitely looking forward to ringing the New Year with you all. Love you guys!!!

weezy130 said...

I'm still enjoying all the delicious food :) WOW! Everything was great! The food and company was awesome! I had a great time and look forward to it again these next holidays! We'll have a potluck so you can take a break! The Wife and Moshura are the best! DLP and Machini are the cutest! I thank everyone for a delicious and successful Thanksgiving! Now we have Christmas and New Year's to look forward too! Can't wait!!

the wife said...

Well it will be 2 weeks since M&M had his surgery and he again has come out like a champ. He has been up and around none stop. Cooking the turkey to completing fixing his T.V and little things around the house. You amaze me everyday honey ....I love you....I heart you too.

We are now looking forward to the holidays coming up.

I am glad to inform everyone that Kriticona and Sunshine have had their baby boy ....yesterday night at 10pm 7.4lbs 18in and he is one handsome little boy........
CONGRATS!!! Nothing like smelling a brand new baby....ummmm.