Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Good, The Bad, The Fatty...

Got the following report from Moshura about fast food value menus and cancer risk. Interesting read!


weezy130 said...

And here I am loving those dollar menus... I can still enjoy my Caramel sundae with peanuts. Will definitely cut back on the McDouble. Glad I read that article.

the wife said...

When I read the article i thought what the hell now what do we do. But it sure is an eye opener to all i think.

Now turn the headline that Moshura's sister wrote backwards and it should say the fatty must go and the bad pounds will come off and everyone will sure look damn good when we all stop eating all the crap at the fast foods. (haha)


weezy130 said...

I did read it backwards and it is funnny!!! The Wife and Moshura's sis crack me up!!

During these challenging times we do need to enjoy laughter especially with the ones we love!

I love diet coke and bacon what a great combo!! ;)