Thursday, December 11, 2008

Merry Christmas!!



the wife said...

That would of been a great video if Machini would of been paying attention to the beat of the song. Well i guess next time.
First week of radiation over for M&M and he is doing good.
He is already preparing his babba for the turkey on Christmas , he just can't get enough.


weezy130 said...

As you witnessed... It was me who tortured Machini and made him do it... I didn't realize he had his heart monitor until I noticed he kept grabbing his shirt to jump. He's a teamplayer and a cutie!!! As you know I completely adore him! It's good to hear M&M's looking forward to his next delicious turkey! My mouth is watering too! Also the delicious sides and deserts the wife made were mouthwatering as well! You are Los Neelys!

Anonymous said...

One Day at a Time said...
Oh how I remember that warm sunny day at COH. There is Machini enjoying the sounds of music while tia weezy is trying to get him to perform a symphony. We enjoy those walks in the rose garden with Machini and feel relieved to know that our Marcus is getting the best treatment available. We are very much looking forward to Marcus' bbq turkey. Even Lazy T hasn't stopped raving about it since Thanksgiving. Looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow!!