Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chemotherapy Complete?

Hi all,

Just checking in for an update on the chemotherapy. With all the inauguration festivities, things have been pretty chaotic. Looks like the kids are staying busy at the City of Hope waiting room. Love the Obama gear! :) I'll have to wait for the crowds to mellow out so I can buy your Obama souvenirs at the DC resident price! Anyway, if I'm not mistaken, today is the last day of Chemo?? I hope there weren't too many side effects. Let us know! BTW, is Matthew growing a moustache?


weezy130 said...

The Wife said he'd be home for 3 weeks after he goes back to City of Hope for additional Chemotherapy. I think. We will see him on Saturday.
He is still having radiation.

I was thinking of the quote The Wife and I were reading at City of Hope. It was titled Perseverance. These are trying and challenging times. I do have faith in President Obama and do have Hope things will get better.

Anonymous said...

One Day at a time said...
It was great to see Marcus at home after undergoing his first round of chemo @ COH. We enjoyed spending time with you guys eating ceviche and joking around. I know that things are busy and quite chaotic for you but please do let us know if there is anything you need. We are always thinking of you all and truly enjoy the time we spend together. Thanks for updating lazy t on nascar dates. We look forward to seeing you very soon:)

The Wife said...

Oh boy! Today was a very funny day
Momma M bought us a jucier to try out and to make M&M a carrot juice she has been wanting him to taste.

After trying to read the direction to put it all together, I placed about 4-5 carrots in the juicer and as it began to do its thing we were all amazed at the results...
I poured the carrot juice into the small cups while M&M told everyone he wanted to see everyone drink it first then he would try it.
Ha Ha it was funny how the whole time he was looking at weezy130 .....
I am sure trying to get back at her for the whole Ensure episode......and she took the chanllenge in stride she down that carrot juice quick to show M&M that it was good to drink as so did everyone else.

The only one to protest was Machini who made a face and then proceeded to say it was nasty!

So we moved on from the carrot juice to the apple juice... well that was better than the carrot juice I think...

Till M&M had a brilliant idea to take the mix fruit that Salt-n-Pepper brought for M&M and we put it in the juicer and it was a hit ....boy did M&M and Machini tear it all up. They loved it!

Machini is still talking about it...he started to make a list of what fruit to try next...Momma M doesn't know what she started. Everyone is starting to make their own concoctions.

Well M&M and all of us were excited to see Sir come with the family. It is a nice surprise to see him come and enjoy an afternoon with us. Spending time with each of you is always a pleasure and adventurous!

Well as for M&M he has been doing really well after his first round of chemo.
He is eating good and looking great. I truly wish it will be as smooth (meaning not a lot of side affects from the chemo) as it was this first time around, as long as he doesn't have discomforts due to the chemo I am sure he will be good.

I would like to thank everyone again for everything that every single one of you do for us we really appreciate all from the smallest to the biggest jester. We appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you again! We love you all!

The Wife said...

Well here is a carrot update for you.

I never knew how many things you can do with carrots. Well, let me tell you.

You can make a whole lot of carrot juice and add it to ceviche of course, cut them up on the side of some meat and don't forget to make it into a soup and then make a carrot cake. Add some water to it and blend it in the blender till you can't see the whole carrot and put into the frezer for carrot icecream (JK)

Carrots, Carrots, Carrots oh my so many carrots Yep......I think we are offically carrot out.

It's all good, don't get me wrong but when we woke up this morning and saw that we all had the same anterior teeth(bunny teeth) that just took us over the carrot cliff. (ha-ha) Not to mention the ears.

Some how as many dishes and ideas that you can make with carrots you look at the Mary Poppins bag that Momma M brought and we swear it refills on its own during the night.

Unless we started to harvest them ourselves while sleep walking from the neighbors house.
The bag seems to look the same. I don't get it. But like a said it's all good.

Maybe when we start to have a fake tan or orange tone to our skin we will stop eating the carrots.( ha-ha)
Well maybe not that long i think we are almost there. (ha-ha)

Well I thought you might want to have a carrot update and bring a smile to your face.

( Now imagine the smile we must have:)
Imagine we smile and you start to see two long large teeth coming out through the lips and carrot chip grills)

Now if you literally seen this image in your head you should be laughing but .......if it didn't make you laugh then you need have some carrot juice SALUD!

Anonymous said...

Lazy T says.................
It was very nice to see Marco up and about in the garage when we pulled up on Saturday. The food was great, and the company even better. It was funny to see Matthews reaction to the "I don't like it" juice!!! You guys know that we are all behind you and are thinking about you.

And now on a more serious note....

Twas the night before the 500 and all through the garage, not a creature was stirring, except........
43 massive engines ready to go!!!!!!!!!!!! Well maybe 42 1/2. That dang 18 just can't quite seem to get rid of that nasty sputter.
Vrooma vroom vroom and a zoom zoom. Can't wait to get to the track!!!
Lazy T out..........

Oh yeah, the parents of Lazy T say hi!!!!!!!!!!