Sunday, February 22, 2009


Would love to hear how you all braved NASCAR weekend. Do tell!


Anonymous said...

Lazy T says..........

Only one word comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

One Day at a Time Said...
What a weekend!! I don't know how the rest of the gang did it. I was there for one full day and I was kaput. I have to give it to the Wife and Moshura for having the energy and endurance for the whole weekend. I am sure it was totally worth it. I definitely had a great time and would like to thank you all (especially Ms. "A") for putting together an unforgettable weekend in Fontana!

weezy130 said...

Nice picture! Heard you had fun and had a workout too!!

Anonymous said...

That group looks like a pit crew. Looks like it was fun.
Big Looch

The Wife said...

WOW was it a great weekend,thanks to Celi.
The weekend started with the Truck Series which none of us had ever gone to. Mr. Kyle Busch (Rowdy) #51in the truck series is DLP's favorite driver. He dominated the track. It was awesome.
We all ate, talked in between the race and it was nice to see and spend time with Celi and Mona.

Sunday...we all agreed to be in our seats to enjoy the whole race from begining to hear the Star Spangle Banner and see all of the drivers lined up on pit row. DLP and Lazy T had the best seats in the house at the begining of the event, front and center on the grass on the track ....DLP doesn't miss that opportunity to touch and see Mr. Kyle Busch himself and Lazy T his favortie #24 the man himself Mr. Jeff Gordon. They came back with great pictures.
Well I must mention that I did get the best ever I got to attend the drivers meeting and got a WINK from the man himself Mr. Jimmie Johnson OSG I melted like a chocolate chip in a oven let me tell you was GREAT.
We all sat together in the grand stand on off of pit lane the best seats.
We were all sad to see Jr.#88 leave the track (well some of us)ha-ha
We were also happy to have the Gamboa's join in and Celi was a great host.
It rained a little nothing we couldn't bare but the exciting surprise was when I came back from my 500 stair climb back to my seat and see Surving 3 under 5 with a Jimmie Johnson jacket on ( I thought she had chosen her driver) but to my surprise my compadre bought me the jacket.
I was very appreciative to all who joined us this weekend it was a great group and I enjoyed and I am sure we all did
Did I mention that we got home late that night cause we went to go eat and then came home. We were all so exhausted that Surving 3 under 5 stayed at the house that is how much fun we had.

Thanks for the best time ever

Anonymous said...

Surviving 3 under 5 says:
My My My I am hooked!!
I had on of the most memorable weekends. I was in AWE of the Nascar experience. My boys were excited but let me tell you that #2 fought hard to get to his driver #20 car's trailer to buy something for himself. We couldn't find the trailer for Home Depot and Celi tried and tried to find it. We tried to convince him Nascar souvenier would be just as great but he was not convinced. Celi came to the rescue and found Home Depot.(Thank You) I will always remember #2's reaction. He was sooo excited. He was Home. He was not attracted by all of the other trailers we saw. But seeing Home Depot he was in heaven. Thank you to Tia Celi for your gifts and your precious time away from your lovely family.
My boys were transfixed on the track and trucks. After the race the Series cars came out to practice on the track and each saw their car in person. The excitement that we all felt was magical.

Raul & I came back on Sunday without the boys. We saw it all. Great seats. Great Phily Cheese sandwich and most of all great company. It was really nice to spend time with Celi, Tia Mona, Rachael and Omar. Also we got to spend time with Marcs and family in an environment that we all enjoyed tremendously. I feel luck to have made the cut. Thank you Thank You