Monday, March 2, 2009

90% off that stinkin' lung tumor!!

This is great news.


Anonymous said...

I must say that after preparing for the crappiest news, hoping for the best.... the relieving text message just sent a burst of WOOOOHOOOOO! through all of us i am sure! i guess thats how kyle busch feels eh?! haha. its about time good news floats into this household. WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Surviving 3 under 5 Said:
Wow. We are all riding a wave! News with this Sarcoma has been unnerving. We have been preparing for this day. Telling ourselves o.k. Lets prepare for what can happen and hope for what we wish would happen. Today receiving the News that Marc's Tumor had been downsised by 90% knocked me off of of my feet. I felt a wave of emotion. I wanted to scream and cheer but I thought about the magnitude of this and I began to cry. I am sooo Happy to hear good, great, fantastic, stupendous news, that this darn TUMOR is getting getting gone!!
I always knew Marcs was one in a million.

My little boys even realized this was great news with an enormous yell from the back seat. I asked Roman(age 7)do you know why this is great news. Yes he quickly answered. "smaller Tumor means smaller surgery!" I was amazed that they seemed so tuned in to the City of Hope updates. I guess they are listening when we talk to them even though I assumed it was a bit over their heads. I have kept the updates of Tio Marc's health simple. Talking about medicine, surgerys, and chemo being really strong medicine to help fight the tumor. They wanted to know why do they not take it out like the tumor on is leg? I explained that it was too big and the Chemo we hoped would make it smaller. Today confirmes that they are listening to the updates and as young as they are 3,5 & 7 they understand a lot. As long As I keep it simple. Bottom line Simple Terms....Sarcoma Cancer Sucks!!!!

But today One Giant point for Team Marcs. I am really happy, and send you all a big hug and a WHHHHHHHooooooooHooooo!!! I am proud of you for all the Courage you have had to face this Monster head on. I continue to be amazed by you. Today is a good Day!!

weezy130 said...

After reading the text I was sooo happy! I ran to ODAT's classroom across the school to tell her to check her messages. We love you Buddy!!

The Wife said...

Today is a Good Day!

As we waited in the waiting room today, M&M and I were contemplating what questions we should ask Dr.C.
The first was if this thing hasn't shrunk or grown for that matter what would be our options and if surgery would be one of them now.

We had all the question down that we were going to ask but as he came into the room he pulled out the computer and we all viewed the CT Scan together. We of course didn't have a damn clue at what the hell we were seeing but when he pulled up the CT Scan from Dec. and compared it to the CT Scan today it was amazing especially when he was pointing everything out the damn thing is almost gone. You can't imaging the overwelming feeling that came over me. I was not expecting to hear Dr. C uttered those words it has "amazingly shrunk" Wow he says M&M asked "About how much to you think?
He looked over with a big smile on his face and said about 90%. He was so excited himself he almost gave M&M a high five but instead leaned in a gave M&M a big hand shake and then he gave the exam table a drum roll.
The excitement in the room was so surreal.
He told us that M&M would continue with 2 more chemo cycles and would be looking at surgery in about 8 weeks from today.
Let me tell you that the news today was great.
I for one didn't see this news coming so soon but boy is it a relief to know that we have almost
nipped this bastard of a tumor in the ass.
And as far as the CT Scan shows there is nothing else in his lungs to worry about.
The journey is not yet over and I know that it will be difficult for M&M to endure 2 more cycles of chemo but as I told him today he has to think about the long run he will not have to endure the BIG surgery.
As surviving 3 under 5 says he is one in a million.

His is the greatest warrior. And he has more battle wounds than one would want but that goes to show you what he is made of.

Celi says that the sound of the race cars last weekend scared it away. Well it probably popped the damn thing with all the load motors in the garage.
Whatever it was it worked.
I want to thank each of you for you encouraging messages after the mass text message i sent with the best news ever.
I will keep you informed and will post updates.
Thanks to all again.

This was a great day today!

Boogity Boogity Let's kick some cancer butt.

Anonymous said...

One Day at a Time Said...
Hey, it is great to hear that Mr. Marcus' tumor has shrunk so significantly! We were so happy to see him today, enjoying Mama's cooking and cracking up jokes. We are sooo happy to hear the great news! Yes Mr. Marcus it is great news! We know that you are the one dealing with the challenge but just know that you have your own support team to help you get through this (I know it's corny but think of us as your aflac team minus the bird (um duck, swan?) We are here for you ready for whatever food request you would like:) Just let us know. We love you. Hey Ms. Wonderful Wife, loved the pants! Need to get some for Mr. Marcus!

The Wife said...

Well it's about 4am and we had a rough night. M&M PH level has only been about a 6 or lower in the last 12 hours.
He has had 3 doses to try to help the PH level but so far it has been a slow process. It looks like they might start chemo later on this morning still depending on the PH level (trying to get it at a 7 or more)
I was telling M&M that he wanted to have the chemo started in the morning and he will end up getting it.
As much as I know that he hates the thought of staying another day in the hospital we are now 12 hours behind schedule but he is being a good sport.
All is well so far....not much sleep but that is the least of it.

The Wife said...

They finally started the chemo this morning at about 9:30am.
so it's been about i hour and a half its about 11:00am now so it looks like we will be out by Sunday.

So far M&M feels good and looks handsome as ever. We have seen a lot of familiar faces her at COH and it's of course bitter sweet to see them.
This time around we are at the main hospital which is what we were hoping for.
Everything is going to be alright.

Anonymous said...

Lazy T says.........
Great to hear that it has shrunk that much!!!!! I agree with Araceli, it was the roar of the engines, along with just plain ol' having fun that did it. That brat and sour kraut may have even helped too??? :) Was happy to see you guys on Sunday and am looking forward to more races with you all and rooting against DLP. By the way... did you see who has the points lead?? :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this blog we are being kept connected. We think about you (M&M and family) often and are amazed at the super man that you are M&M! This is more than great news!
From cousin in HP (claudia) :)