Sunday, March 8, 2009

Back Home

Today is the day Marco is released from City of Hope. We are all awaiting Marco's return anxiously! We'll try to let you rest... maybe.


Anonymous said...

Surviving 3 under 5 says:
Welcome Home!!

There is no place like HOME.
I hope you are allowed to rest and recoup from your grouwling week.

weezy130 said...

Glad to hear you are back home. Hope you get to finally rest in the comfort of your home environment. It's fine to say give me peace and quiet. We love you and support all your wishes.

Thank you to The Wife for staying by Marco's side 24/7. Love Weezy

Anonymous said...

One Day at a Time Said...
Yes, there is definitely no place like home. Hope you get to relax and sleep in a couple of days this week. We all know how busy your days are as it is, so as Weezy said definitely let us know if you guys need some days and definitely weekends to just chill out and relax. It's ok if the Wife let's us know since we know how shy Marcus can be:) You guys can definitely relax next weekend since NASCAR will be taking a weekend off (oh no!) Luv you guys:)

Anonymous said...

Lazy T says..........
Sleep in bud, the week after that is Bristol, and you will have to glued to the TV for that one. Bump and bang racing. Ahhhhh the good stuff.
Feel better, and like everybody has said, get some rest.

Anonymous said...

One more round down...relax and take it easy. You are in our thoughts...hope to see you soon.
Big Looch