Thursday, March 26, 2009

Live Strong!

From The Wife:
M&M is doing well so far in his start of his last cycle of chemo round 4. Today is day 2 and their is only 3 more days to go. Three days around the corner seems like it will never get here fast enough for M&M.

All the nurses love M&M. You can say that he is the ideal patient. He is quiet and really doesn't demand much attention while at COH. The nurse that we had today was feeling a little guilty because he wasn't asking for anything and she would come in and check up on him to make sure he didn't need anything, which was pretty funny.

He was moved to the big hospital today which was nice. I feel like his spirits are lifted here than when he is at the old hospital in the corner room.

Just hang in their honey, the treatment is almost over and you will be back home in your own bed soon!


weezy130 said...

Adorable Picture! I love it!! Thanks to The Wife for all she does to get Marco through these challenges. Hope your procedure goes well. It was cute to see Machini and Mama M. bonding and being her tour guide at COH. Stay Strong Marco! I love you all!

The Wife said...

Live Strong is a powerful saying and it has so many meaning to so many people and some just say it cause its the word being heard everywhere and it mean nothing.

This word is very powerful to me because I see it used everyday of my life by seeing M&M. He lives by these powerful words. Their are days where he may over due himself and I am telling him to stop and take it easy and almost every time he will reply with "I am ok I can handle it". "It's all right I can do it" is another of his favorite things to say. I try to make sure he is not over doing it and yet at the same time you admire his williness to make sure things get done even if he is not feeling well.......he says it takes his mind off of things.
Live Strong he does!

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Beth said...

I stumbled on your blog and find it very good, educational and comforting.
My husband also has soft tissue sarcoma in the thigh, mets to the lung. We have been going thru chemo 5 months now, gearing up for surgery. My best to Marco and you.