Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We're Rich!!!

O.K. far from it!! I mean "rich" metaphorically.... with love and support :) I heard you guys had a great weekend celebrating Caballito's bday and Marco's return home after his chemo. It looks like you guys were having a good time, and I see I was there in spirit...or rather, encased in a small glass frame!

Well, looks like times are really tough now and there's a lot of work to be done, questions to be answered about health insurance, work, economic recovery, all the pains and hardships that a disease like this can put an entire family through. So we are here if you need help. Please just let us know how we can help and we can work through these tough times!!


Anonymous said...

Surviving 3 under 5 says:
Yup reality is a little overwhelming at times. You know we all understand that this situation has happened and you guys have been through hell and high water. This is only recent that all hell has broken loose because Marcs has been runnning his ship tightly.
Marc has always been a super responsible generous provider for his family. He always give his job and coworkers 110%. Always has insurance, paying his bill and being responible is not always easy. But I remember when he was dating Maria that sometimes social events conflicted with his work schedule. He always was responsible to his commitment to his job. That was a really long time ago and still he remains the same, person with his admirable qualities.
This whirlwind reality that has combined to = job, economic and health uncertanties is not due to anything that you could have done differently. This can only imagine that the reality of uncertainty is as overbearing as the physical concerns of Cancer.

One step and day at a time we will all pull together to help fill in the blank.
Times are tough for you now but soon you will pass all of this uncertainty.
Medical insurance will get resolved, I hope you will have a speedy recovery from your tiny tumor removal and you will be strong and ready for those Best Buy costomers. Give yourself some slack. You have been as responsible and honest and trustworthy as any man can hope to be. Know that we all admired you for all you are before all of this cancer stuff. And together we will help you get through this .

Family stands behind you.
Love V

The Wife said...

We are rich indeed. We are not rich in the sense of material things as far as fancy cars,fancy house,fancy anything excetera , excetera. But i do consider ourselves very wealthy as far as having people in our lives that really matter. Family, some close friends, and support that is abundant.

That is what wealthy is because everything can disappear at any moment and go up in flames but you will always have your family.

Anonymous said...

Times are tough and you are in our thoghts everyday. Hello Kitty and I admire the strenght and courage that you and your family have shown. We often wonder how we would react or deal with he same situation and it always comes back to you being a good strong person with great people around you and as someone said before me you have always been reponsible and you remain the same person. We are here for you in anything you need.
Big Looch

weezy130 said...

There is no doubt that you are loved. The Wife is recovering from her knee surgery on Monday and Marco with his ongoing treatments at COH. You are not alone in this battle. We will seek all resources possible to get you the best care you both deserve. I was doing some research with Cancercare and other resources. Cancercare.org I think was recommended by Moshura's sis.

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Anonymous said...

One Day at a Time Said...
I'm sure that there are a thousand things going through Marcus's head right now. Dealing with another possible round of chemo tomorrow, surgery, financial worries; trying to get better while at the same time trying to make ends meet...Just know that we are all here thinking about you and ready to act whenever you need us. We want to help you in any way we can. There are so many resources out there and even though it might seem complicated, I know that if we all pull through we can all provide the necessary help and resources to get through these challenging times. We love you.

Anonymous said...

Lazy T agrees with the posts above!!! We all think about you and care about what is going on. Just keep thinking of that October race and how much fun it will be to see the 99, 24, and 48 whoop up on the competition. Boogity, Boogity!!!!

weezy130 said...

Hang in there Marco! Looking forward to seeing you! Being around you! Let us know if anything changes. We respect your wishes. We will go after work. Let us know if you need anything or crave anything in particular. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Surviving 3 under 5 says:

The boys had an enormous sleepover at Wee Wee's house on Friday. They were soo excited. They had been wanting to go over to see everyone. I had to remind them that we had to wait until Tio and Tia were doing better. Julio said "I miss Hesperia". NuNu said "I think we are going to have a lot of CANDY today". Roman said "What movie do you think we will see". They all were a little giddy. They really had fun they enjoyed the movie, candy, icecream, soda, and most important family. Julio was excited that even Grandma had come to the movie night. Tio Pablo, Jeromee, Nathaniel and Biankis were special suprise guests that the boys had not seen in a long time. The boys had a wonderful time enjoying their family.
When we came home Julio said...Mom why is Tio Marco going back to City of Hope? He seemed o.k. I think he is better. I don't think he has Cancer anymore. I had to explain as we all need to be reminded. That round 4 of Chemo has begun and the fight continues and we enjoy when Marcs has strength and energy. We also realize that this is going to be a different week.

Giving you a big hug today. I know that you hate being there getting the next Chemo round. You already want to be home. Thinking of you
Love you V