Monday, April 27, 2009

Feeling Beachy on Sunday


Anonymous said...

Surviving 3 ynder 5 said:
Well Well Well it seems like the wife finally got her family portraits. Man she has been harrassing you guys for years to get these pics taken. I am glad that you all followed the rules wore what she wanted and traveled to the end of the continent to give her her prized pics. Now I am sure she is going to start planning a new adventure to focus on.
You guys clean up well & look too cute!

weezy130 said...

Beautiful day with Beautiful people. Thank you for letting me join you at the beach. It was fun!! I had a great time!! Looking forward to the next one!! You guys do look awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had the perfect day to enjoy this day at the beach.I love you all very much!


The Wife said...

YES! I did get my family picture finally. Thanks to Lazy T who took time out of his day to take pictures of us at the beach. The day was awesome and the view was perfect.

The NASCAR race had an great final lap all of our cars were totalled and at the end the 99 car of Carl Edwards was taken out. But we all pulled ourselves together to go to the beach and have a great time and take pictures of us together.

I was overwhelmed with excitment for the the moment that i was able to go into the cold water with my kids for the first time in a couple of years without pain in my leg.
The time we spent at the beach was a little weird to me that for the time on the sand and close to the water I could think of how nice it was to be here all together with my family for a while.
And not think about the surgery coming up,donating blood,the days that Marco is not looking forward in the hospital. I took full advantage of these precious moments let me tell you and Marco seemed to be taking it in as well.
As we all know Marco can't be doing something without his stomach telling him its time to eat. So we walked the pier and One Day at a Time and Weezy130,Lazy T and all of us had the most delish food there it was good eats.
Taking it all in one moment at a time turned out to be a great day at the beach.