Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hooray! Our First Blood Donors with their Rally Monkeys

Who knew that donating blood was a big thing for people.

Well, it's stressful in a sense because you start thinking maybe I won't be able to donate. Your heart starts to pound up in your throat just thinking of the words that the nurse may utter to you "Sorry, but you can't donate today, come again"

What the "F" is what I was thinking the first time, one year ago. The second time this last Saturday, I was like what the "F" not again! Now what...I just couldn't get past the long hallway and out of the interview room.

This time the doctor was not on call on Saturday to ok and release my records to prove that the tumor I had in my knee was not malignant. So, I again heard the words uttered to me......."Sorry, I hate to tell you but you can't donate today...but you can come back again.

So I was determined to give blood damn it. I will be here on Monday I told the nurse. She laughed with me. I think? And off I went with my head down but Surviving3under5 was very excited to donate blood. I was very happy for her. She was so happy, she had her thumb up and everything all giddy cause she was going to donate for the first time. Her boys would have been proud to see their momma donating blood with the Rally Monkey as her sidekick.

On Monday Weezy130,One Day at a Time, and myself went to City of Hope to give blood. One Day at a Time even stocked up on protiens to be ready to give blood. Weezy130 is O+ so she gave her blood in a record time of 6 min. She came out like a I waited for someone to tell me if I would be able to donate, One Day at a Time stressed out to find out if she would be able to donate too.

They called ODAT and she was out within seconds, she is having a hard time passing that hallway as well. Man, she said I can't donate. What! Come on now! ...she said her iron was low again so she needs to stock up some more.....just more protein and she can try on Saturday.

Gosh, I was thinking hell they are sending my ass home because Weezy130 had gone, ODAT came back and my ass was still waiting...nerve wracking I tell you.

"Wait, they called me already? You said I was in the bathroom." I ran up to the counter and told them I was back and anxious to know if I could donate.

The nurse takes me to back room, mind you it's the same room all the time. The one where I hear "Sorry, come again" -- aw man! .......but she said ok we got everything we needed from your doctor so let's take you vitals and iron count
ok I said ..........then I heard.....


I would of done the happy dance if I didn't have pain in my knee so I just motioned my arms in a happy circle in the air... I thought I would never sit in the chair across from the interviewing room. I was so happy and then I see Marco standing at the door way and gave him a high five "I can donate!" I told him it is the most wonderful feeling.

It's the feeling that you are helping someone you love or someone's loved one because remember they don't waste the blood. Other patients at City of Hope are also waiting for blood that is not used or that is donated by the donors. It's the most wonderful thing to know that you could help Marco or another patient.

Sitting in the waiting room in the Donor Room you hear a lot of different stories of people and why they are there. Some are there because a loved one or friend is in need of it ...some do it cause it makes them feel good to donate to someone who needs it and they don't even know who they are sometimes...some of their loved ones passed away and they are donating on their behalf and out of thankfulness that City of Hope donors helped them out in their time of need.

Just as adults need it the little ones do too. Platelets are needed too. Now that I can donate I can give platelets and someone can use them. Today while waiting after we gave blood, there was a woman donor who asked what type of blood we need and she said she was A+ and she said that her co-worker had a little one, 4 years old who needed platelets and he was in the hospital every other day and she was more than happy to get a call saying they needed her to go donate and she said she jumped in her car and drove to City of Hope to give her platelets for this little one. So we exchanged names and numbers so when I come to donate platelets I will donate it especially for the little fellow who needs it.

Special thanks to all who have and will be donating blood it means a lot to all of us and to many.


Anonymous said...

Surviving 3 under 5 said:
True true true. I gave blood for the first time in my life. It was like passing your driving test. I was overwhelmed with anxiety. Not because I was worried it would hurt. I was worried that they would tell me that I was unable to donate. And I really really wanted to donate. I swear I cried all the way home because I felt really happy. I can now say: "I would even give blood for you!!! I was able to do a little something for Marcs. I am going to remember this day....forever. I never thought I would react this way but we are all looking to be able to personally do something to help.

weezy130 said...

Well said Wife. I do get a little nervous, but so worth it! I love you Marco and will do what I can in my power to help you fight this!

Anonymous said...

Is it true that the longer you have a rally monkey, the more it starts to look like you. Look at Surviving's picture...hahahaha.

Hello Kitty and myself will be taking our monkey on his first outing on to follow shortly..Big Looch

So Cal Pab said...

Here you go!!! I donated!!!

I was unable to get the Rally Monkey...BUT.... I GOT AN IMPOSTER MONKEY TO FILL THE SPOT. CHECK IT OUT!!!