Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Post-Chemo Update

It's been over a week since your last chemo and we're all wondering how it's going for you. Don't eat too many chocolate Easter eggs! Or rrrrriiibs....


The Wife said...

M&M is doing ok. The tiredness is still lingering. Yet like I said before that doesn't stop him from doing things till he can't take it anymore then you see him on the sofa or bed asleep. Then you know he had enough.

The stubbs on his head are falling off ,not to mention his eyebrows and eye lashes are very thin and some are missing. His appetite is there but not to his usual self.

Last weekend Surviving3under5 invited us to her home....they took Machini to a easter egg hunt at the cemetary where her mother-in-law was buried. (you are reading it right at the cementary).

I guess its to make the kids and family more comfortable in a cementary and its ok to have "fun" i guess. Hell, I don't know i am just b-s-ing. Well the point is that we stayed at her house and cooked dinner it was great to have M&M making ham in the oven and DLP made a bowl of chip with sour cream. Oh!wait that was me and I gave it to her to place on the table. Oh yeah she made the brownies. OH!wait a minute we didn't get to eat the brownies cause she forgot to make them. Oh I remember she made the strawberry salad. Ha-Ha wrong again her Tia did. OH that is right she fell asleep on the church pew they have in their home.
Well enough on DLP.(Sorry, I don't know where that came from :0)
The ham came out great we had green beans and snow peas with potatoes. It was good grubb.
We made baskets with the boys and had a big egg hunt. It was fun watching the kids look for the eggs.
As everyone has heard by know we will be spending the "Bunny Day" at Momma's house and we have let her know that she will not be cooking on that day and all was good till M&M mentioned that Menudo would sound real good in the morning. Yeah well the cooking all day went out the window when Momma agreed to make some. Machini was jumping with the news he says his "Alewita" makes it real good.

And we will be having an egg hunt as well and some desserts. It's going to be great to see you all.

Back to M&M, Monday will meet with the Chemo Dr. and go over CT Scan,the next day he has an appointment with surgeon to see about getting what is left of the tumor out.

Moshura's Sister said...

So its true what they say about us Mexicans. We love our grassy areas, even if its a cemetery!

Anonymous said...

Surviving 3 under 5 said: Yes yes you heard right. Last year Raul went to the cemetary at they were having Easter festivities for the youngsters. The children took pictures with the Easter rabbit and hunted for eggs on the side lawn. NoNO the eggs were not where the loved ones are resting.... they were on the lushous lawn near the offices and parking structure across the street. We go to visit Mamma Rodriguez's grave and this event left nice memories for my young boys of the Cemetery. Well we went over to visit and decorate the grave with wind twirlly things and flowers this year. My boys showed Machito the resting place of their Nana. Crazy but they were very excited to go and show Machito the picture of their Nana on the gravestone. ....This is our reality. we visit often...and this event made it a little more exciting for my young boys.

So Cal Pab said...

Well, I just read ALL of the blogs...from the beginning to the most current. Whew!! about two hours of reading by the way. Why did I read it? Well, lately I've felt pretty dettached from everything going on. After reading the blogs... i realized this is a way we can vent about how we feel.

I have felt uncomfortable for a long time now. When I visit "The Wife" and "M&M" I don't know if I'm helping or in the way. I know that these are the most trying times they have ever faced and I know that I've never seen them be stronger and more loving. In the beginning, as hard as it was, we respected the request for a bit more privacy. It took some time but it finally became routine. I felt helpless. How will they know we care? How?
Well, I should have used this as a way to let them know.

"M&M" and "The Wife"... I need you to know that the kids and I... LOVE YOU VERY VERY MUCH. We feel your pains and wish for your smiles everyday. There truly truly hasn't been a day I don't think of you.

"M&M", I have known you almost my entire life. I couldn't be more grateful for that pleasure. I couldn't have picked a better man for the "The Wife". Thank you for being you. I want you to know that I am here for you. I wish I could be more useful. I know it may be difficult at times to ask for things...but I ask that you put that aside. It would make me feel useful to be able to help you somehow.
The kids and I want to visit often and are unsure when we can. We want to respect your need for quiet or private time.

I love you ALL with all my heart. M&M... I love you like a brother. Inside I feel hurt that you are going through this; but I hide it.

This entire situation has taken away many smiles... I hope we see them soon.

Anonymous said...

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