Friday, April 24, 2009

Rally Monkey's Blood Drive!!


I have the information everyone has been asking for. Question is are you ready to give blood?

I wanted to see if everyone wanted to meet tomorrow Saturday, April 25, 2009 early in the morning to donate.

We can make it an event, take our rally monkeys and take some pictures. I know it's last minute but this would be the only Saturday that maybe everyone has before his surgery.

If you can make it tomorrow let me know so I can see how many of us can be there tomorrow. We may have a wait because we would be walk-ins. But if we get there at 8am we may not wait to long.

Marco is A+ and he can use A-,O+,O- too. So if you know what type you are, we need you. All blood donated will be checked and those that match will be held for Marco's use if needed in the surgery. All other blood will not be thrown away it will be used for other patients that needed at City of Hope. It's all good!

If you can't make it tomorrow you can still donate till May 6th (Wednesday). Blood donations will be taken under Marco's name at City of Hope.

You can read the previous blog for information on donating blood and if you can or can not donate.

Please make an appointment by calling 626-824-9340 they are open Mon.- Sat. from 8am till 4pm. You can also do walk-in but you may have to wait. Please give yourself one hour (or more, without appointment) when you go to donate blood.

You need to go to the Security booth in the front of City of Hope and they will give you a parking pass and let you know where to park. We really appreciate everything everyone has done and appreciate you giving your blood. Again, please let me know if you can make it out there tomorrow.


weezy130 said...

Spoke with the Wife today about the blood drive. S3U5 donated today so proud of you girl!!! I'm donating on May 2nd before we meet up with you guys. Already called COH to schedule appointment. They'll see me that day. I'll just won't have coffee that morning and thanks for the info you provided. I'm O+ so hope that helps. They said they can use my blood for another patient in case you don't use it. I'm here for anything you need! See you buddy!!! Love you!

Anonymous said...

One Day at a Time Said...
Count me in!!! I know that last time I was iron deficient and I couldn't donate but let's just say that this time I am stocking up on steak, legumes and anything else I can to get that iron up. I also plan on scheduling an appointment for 5/2. Still don't know my blood type (I know I should know by now). Just hope it is the type that Marcus needs. Looking forward to seeing you guys. Luv u all!!

Anonymous said...

Your cousins from 'down the hill' will be going to donate Saturday on 5/2. FYI, Gaby gets queezy at the site of blood...this should be fun to see! Love, Cousin from HP

So Cal Pab said...

1:21 PM
So Cal Pab said...

Well, I just read ALL of the blogs...from the beginning to the most current. Whew!! about two hours of reading by the way. Why did I read it? Well, lately I've felt pretty dettached from everything going on. After reading the blogs... i realized this is a way we can vent about how we feel.

I have felt uncomfortable for a long time now. When I visit "The Wife" and "M&M" I don't know if I'm helping or in the way. I know that these are the most trying times they have ever faced and I know that I've never seen them be stronger and more loving. In the beginning, as hard as it was, we respected the request for a bit more privacy. It took some time but it finally became routine. I felt helpless. How will they know we care? How?
Well, I should have used this as a way to let them know.

"M&M" and "The Wife"... I need you to know that the kids and I... LOVE YOU VERY VERY MUCH. We feel your pains and wish for your smiles everyday. There truly truly hasn't been a day I don't think of you.

"M&M", I have known you almost my entire life. I couldn't be more grateful for that pleasure. I couldn't have picked a better man for the "The Wife". Thank you for being you. I want you to know that I am here for you. I wish I could be more useful. I know it may be difficult at times to ask for things...but I ask that you put that aside. It would make me feel useful to be able to help you somehow.
The kids and I want to visit often and are unsure when we can. We want to respect your need for quiet or private time.

I love you ALL with all my heart. M&M... I love you like a brother. Inside I feel hurt that you are going through this; but I hide it.

This entire situation has taken away many smiles... I hope we see them soon.
11:43 PM

Anonymous said...

Surviving 3 under 5 said:
I am so glad that you read all of the blogs. Sometimes it is too much info for Marie or Marcs to share. Through this avenue you get a glimpse of the overwhelming situation that They find themselves in. You will get nitty gritty emotion sometimes and that allows you to see the desperation and rawness of their emotions. Now you can you have an intimate look at what is going and understand what it means when he goes to COH.
You can also express your take on what is going on.

Understanding what they feel might make it easier for you to feel comfortable sharing the chaos. This allows us to be able to help with emotional support. Sometimes that is all we can do. Because when you ask how are you? and they reply ok. They are not ok, they are responding that way because there is too much info, emotion, concern, and fears to share in a brief moment. They give a canned answer. They are strong and brave but they need us all to help hold them up sometimes. We are their family we have been there through the good times and now we help carry the unimaginable burden of getting through the bad times.

Anonymous said...

I love you and I'm praying for you all.