Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring has Sprung!

I would love to see a group shot of everyone wearing these flower power crowns from last Easter! Look how happy Machín looks!


weezy130 said...

I am so looking forward to spending Easter with you guys!! We will have fun!! I am already preparing the plastic beautiful Easter eggs with prizes!!

Anonymous said...

I want to come too but I have to work....have fun. Big Looch

Anonymous said...

One Day at a Time said...
Looking forward to seeing u guys on Sunday. Machini looks so adorable. We just did Easter activities with our kids at school and they absolutely loved it. I am sure that he will enjoy having an Easter egg hunt @ abuelitas. Hope he doesn't mind Ashley tagging along. Let us know if there is anything u guys need. Too bad Nascar won't be on that day. Luv the way u guys root for your drivers. Go 24, 48, 88, 18 and of course 99!

Anonymous said...

Surviving 3 under 5 said:
What in the heck does plastic eggs have to do with anything? I am soo not into what this plastic egg idea has to do with easter???? I think we have been brainwashed by someone. Well thinking about it I know you all remember the days in the hood when we boiled hundreds of eggs and then proceeded to hide and find the eggs many...many times. Well that was nasty.Especially when the eggs cracked were stinky. Oh and lets not talk about the stinky eggs you found a week later. Yuk!!

Nevermind I understand why the plastic eggs. Ha Ha

The Wife said...

This weekend was very exciting for DLP and Machini. They knew some of the eggs had $ in them so they were ready to go hunting for eggs. DLP was counting the money she had found during the hunt when she suddenly started to break into a dance of i think i got i think i did get bit......wait i did get bitten by a WWWAAAAASSSSPPPPP! She had the OH SHIT i did get bit by a wasp. Then came the tears and you knew she was not dancing for our amusement. Everyone sprun into action to give her all the emergenct attention she needed. We all went as far as we could to help ease her pain. Pappa M broke out with his 1001 pages of what to do in case of an emergency according to the manual unless she was not breathing or swollen beyond recongnition she was alright and would live. Beto proceeded to give out medication Motrin 400mg was the given prescibition she refused hippy lettuce. Ha-Ha (JK) DLP didn't want to take it cause she was affaid of an overdose. Weezy130 pulle out everything she could find to easy DLP's pain. Brent even took the plunge and call Nebraska to see what we could do. Thanks Jeani the cold pack was placed right away.
Thanks to all medical attenion she is alright and vowed to wear jeans at all times and has since then burned the skirt she was wearing.
The one who had a ball watching all this unfold was M&M as he laughed threw the whole thing and i don't mean a chuckle i mean a real good laugh the kind you laugh so hard you even fart with an extra chuckle you start to choke on your own spit kinda laugh and ofcourse he said he was not laughing at DLP he was laughing with her so she wouldn't cry basically said he was trying to distract her Ummmm huh.

It was nice to spend time with everyone and enjoy all the ribs that M&M made we can all say they were finger licking good.