Saturday, April 18, 2009

Oh no, Not Again?!

Today was the day we would know what the Sarcoma Conference Team wanted to do with the tumor in Marco's lung. All agreed to proceed with the major surgery.

As we know, all good news comes with some bad.

In Dec.2008 when Marco was admitted in the hospital for pneumonia there was a dark bloody liquid taken out of his lungs. At this time the test results came back with no cancer cells. Doctor says those were just tests result but they can't say for sure it was cancer-free because that test is not 100% guarenteed. They are now concerned about the liquid that had formed in the lungs at the time. So with that said...

First: Due to Marco's previous surgery they are anticipating some scar tissue to be present in the area they are operating on.
They want to insert a telescope camera into the pleural cavity of the chest wall. (This is the space between your lungs that let your lungs inflate and disinflate, there is liquid in this space to let the lungs move smoothly).

If they are successful with the telescope they will be able to determine where the tumor is located and in what area in the chest. If the tumor is attached to the lung, diaphragm, chest wall or ribs, at this time they can determine whether to resect the tumor through a laparoscopy and no major surgery will be needed. He will be in the hospital of 3-5 days.

Second: If they are not able to insert the telescope into the pleural cavity they will have to do major surgery on Marco and remove four ribs, a piece of his chest wall and go in and remove the tumor. Will be in hospital 7 or more days.

If they try the first or the second procedure and the cancer is visible in the pleural cavity they will close him up and not perform the surgery.

Because this area is not operable. They will leave the tumor in there till..............

Chemo and or Radiation will be the treatment to try to eliminate the tumor.

Operation date is for May 11,2009 we will let you know what time later we don't have that yet.

Our whole world is being turned upside down........and there is not a damn thing I can do and it pisses me off! Life is so unfair and I can not express my anger enough ....not even on this blog! It is just not fair!

My heart breaks everytime I am talking with DLP to try to make her understand what is going on and what could happen.

All I can think of is how the hell did we even get here.......I shouldn't be talking to DLP about this now.
This is something that no parent wishes to be explaining to their children.

A lot of emotions going on in this house ..............but we believe that Marco will pull out of this one too. He has been doing well and amazing the doctors with his recovery and progress. I know it will continue.

I love you handsome.


Patty said...

One Day at a Time Said...
I appreciate this straight-forward, clear explanation of what is going on with Marcus's condition. This is the reality we have to deal with. Everything else seems insignificant. Regardless of what I think or feel or whatever anyone else thinks or feels, our priority should remain Marco's health and well-being. Yes, CANCER SUCKS!! but it's not about this cancer, it's about doing everything humanly possible to get it out of Marco's body. It's definitely a stubborn S.O.B. but I know that we can and we will fight it. We just have to use whatever it's in our power to get it out of him. With that said, I am not naive, I know that the fight lies with Marco and the City of Hope doctors, not to mention this damn cancer that doesn't give up. Marcus, I give you my unconditional love and support...Anything you need! I will respect and honor your feelings.

Patty said...

P.S. Luv u guy:)

weezy130 said...

I am ready to donate blood, platelets, and any other piece of me that I can give you. Let me know so it can be processed before the surgery. Last time I believe I did it a week before. The Wife has a better memory of the time frame. Please do let me know. I love you.

Anonymous said...

Surviving 3 under 5 says:
I love you. Yeah we are all a bit nutty right now trying to make our mind make some sense of this all. Please know that we all want to be of some help to you. A chit chat call late at night when you can't sleep. A need for a visit, or a need for no visit. Do you want to vent, tell me a dream, call me. Just remember that I am no Psychiatrist but I will with all my soul try to be the best listener, supporter, encourager, that I as your sister, sisterinlaw and Tia can offer.

Blood??? Well ...Umm...ok, ok, I did say anything. I guess I can eat my wheaties before I go. The question will be do they want my blood. I heard they are really picky. They are going to take a look at all my allergy meds and say ....Nopey Nopey Nope. You have all kinds of junk in the trunk. Anyone remember what the requirements were for blood donation? Weezee let us know so we get the rally monkeys to rally some blood donors.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the info. it brings into focus the road ahead. Marcus remember that you have us here although we are way way down the hill. Machini and DLP are welcome to come down anytime especially during your stay in the hospital. We are all prepared for the blood drive and we are confident that things will begin to turn our way. You have many people behind you and your family and like I have said before, "We are all going thru this with you and we are here to support you in whatever you need". We will be up for a visit in a couple of weeks. Big Looch