Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Donated!!!

From the Wife:
We would like to thank all the brave family members who donated blood. I know it was hard for some, especially Gaby, who faints at the sight of blood. But she was a good sport, even though she was poked 3 times and has bruises to prove she donated. She still managed to do it. Great job! Also to ODAT who waited one year to donate and she finally gave blood for Marco on Sat. Yahooo!

You are all good sports and we are proud of all of you. Thank you for posing with our rally monkey too. I hope he was a comfort to you while you were getting pinched.

Please share your blood donating experience with us, even if it wasn't all that good...:)



Anonymous said...

It is a wonderful feeling to know that my brother Marco is dearly loved by you and you donated blood for him and others at City of Hope. Thank you so much.

Marco your person and who you are and how you are makes people love you. Don't know how to express it but, "Te das a querer" (I think that's the phrase in Spanish) I am lucky and fortunate to be your sister. Love you, Weezy130

Anonymous said...

One Day at a Time Said...
It wasn't too bad donating. It was getting through to that darn hallway to donate that was the challenge for me. I had already been shown the door twice (Sorry but your iron is too low. Try again later.) Dang it, I just wanted to donate blood for my brother. But I understand. So once I got the ok from the nurse, I was more than anxious to get it done. Then I saw the needle:() Just kidding, I barely felt it at all. I had a very nice and patient nurse who helped me get through my first time donating blood and what I really liked it's that after donating she gave me a trayful of goodies (cookies, popcorn, juices, etc.) Didn't get greedy though. Let's just say that I would definitely do it over and over again for Marcus but of course we want this to be the LAST time we have to worry about this because our Marcus will get better.
P.S. Got a free shirt too... Wohoo!

The Budman said...

To Marco and the "wife", i have spent the last couple of hours catching up on all the blogs... something i should have done a long time ago. I'm not able to donate blood but I will help with what i can, and of course if there is ANYTHING i can do please dont hesitate to call... and i will be stopping by alot more often to spend time and help with what i can. i love you marco. you have been around since i was born and ive always looked up to you as more than my sisters husband. you are my big brother. i admire you and im proud of you and the strength you have shown. i love you both.