Friday, May 15, 2009

Sarcoma Fundraiser Video and Update!

NOTE: This is from an older post. Donations are always welcomed to help get the family through these hard times. Thank you! -Moshura's sister. 12/2009

Marco is on his way home!!! Doctors performed tests on the liquid/gel that was starting to form in his lungs and they did not detect any cancer cells, which is GREAT!! More updates coming soon!

This is from V:

Sarcoma Fundraiser
Last night Raul & I held a Fundraiser for the family at J Lounge in Los Angeles, Ca. Our family and friends came together to show their support, their words of encouragement, positive thoughts, and words of prayer. All shared joy in hearing the latest updates on Marco's health.

News of Marco being transfered out of Intensive Care was received with an enourmous cheer. We all spent the afternoon sharing warrior stories about the whole family to all who came to show their support. Everyone signed a beautiful Journal with personal notes for the family that were received by Marie with an open heart. Marie has heard all of your best wishes through our daily conversations but reading your personal notes were a true blessing. In tough times like these your words of encouragement and support are priceless.

With the help of all, we raised $ 2,500.00 in two hours for the family. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. In addition we thank those that have sent us letters and card with your generous gifts. We wanted to thank Maricela, a lifetime friend of the family, for starting the silent auction idea and helping make it a success. The silent auction helped increase the fundraising endeavors. Thank you to all who sent prized donations to help our cause. Our cousins Brenda & Pedro gave prized USC Football tickets. Our brothers and sisters donated items and tutoring services. Our friends Maricela, Jorge & Patty, and Jenny & Jim generously contributed Movie Tickets, Limousine Services, and Movie DVDs. We truly appreciate the support.

If you were not able to attend the Fundraiser you're contributions are still kindly appreciated!


Friends & Family bring richness to life...we are rich to have you all as part of our support team.

You all rallied to help our family's fundraiser,

Thank You.

V & R


Patty said...

One Day at a Time Said...
I attended the fundraiser and I was truly amazed to see how caring and generous people are. I told many about my brother's valiant fight against this aggressive cancer and everyone wanted to extend their hand and support for my brother's well-being. They all wanted to offer a few kind words and get well wishes for Marcus. I just wanted to let Marcus and the Wife know that there are many people (friends, family members and even strangers) out there that want to reach out to them to offer their love and support. If there is any family that deserves it, it is you guys. We are soooooo happy to know that Marcus is heading home and if there is ANYTHING you need (including some time just for yourselves) please let us know. You all have gone through alot and we will definitely respect your wishes. Luv u all!

DLP said...

THANK YOU!!! everyone very much once again. you all are amazing with the support you give my dad i couldn't ask for anything more. my dad proceeds to fight because of all of you. thank you for the fund raiser it means a lot..and i mean it. my parent are the greatest people. they do deserve this and im glad you all put this event together for them.
P.S: next time invite me, i would love to meet all those strangers i hear-O-so-much about who have donated there time and money in support of my dad.
(thank you very much.)

Anonymous said...

Questions and concerns were raised about how it should be done and how it should be revealed. And DO IT! was the only thing I could say. And GREAT IDEA! of course. Hats off to Raul and Vero for taking the initiative to make this happen in such a short period of time at a beautiful spot. I wanted to be there to see it all go down. I was so happy that it all turned out so well, and that many of Vero and Raul's friends and family were able to throw in their magic to make this a truly spectacular event. It is amazing what love, friendship and a little awareness can do. Hopefully, it lifts the constant weight on Marco and Marie's shoulders for a bit and they are able to truly enjoy this SUPERRR GREAT AWESOMEness of a time knowing that Marcito is 'FREE AT LAST, G*D all mighty HE'S FREE AT LAST!!!!" .haha. I keep hearing Nay watch movies and I hear the background music and the mellow and dramatic thumps and rhythms are a perfect soundtrack to what has been going on lately.
Anything will always be done for you guys, because you do the same for us. And it was no sacrifice for anyone, just pure participation. So ENJOY, soak it all in and relax. Please!
and Nay- you cant handle being a sneaky sneak. We love you guys so much. By the way, Erom is so glad you all are home and healthy! Who wants a present!??? :)

Julian said...

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