Monday, May 18, 2009

Thank You!!

From the Wife:

From the bottom of our hearts.

Thank You, we feel is not enough to say and to express what we feel. We were shocked and puzzled by what everyone has done for us. I say shocked and puzzled because we had no idea what was going on. All we knew was that ODAT and LazyT had to go to a banquet of some sort for LazyT's job and S3U5 was out with Raul at another banquet and Momma M and Leezy were going to stay at COH after hours. To our surprise everyone arrived at S3U5 house at the same time and they let the cat out of the hat. They all exposed their sneaky sneak sides.

We had a long day at COH and Marco was moved from ICU to a regular room and we were all emotionally drained. We couldn't see straight, my tears were just flowing with emotions and not to mention DLPs. It's amazing what you all have done for us. There are no words we can use to express how thankful we are.

Our family has been through a lot and we have hope that we are looking at a better tomorrow, everyday. We appreciate every day and deal with it one day at a time.

There are so many BIG HUGS we want to give each and everyone of you. Your donations will help us and give us a little peace of mind.

We always tell V that it's hard to be the ones on the other end of a situation especially because we were the ones always being there for everyone else. Doing things for others was a highlight in our lives.

We never ever did anything expecting something back. It's especially been very hard to feel like we can let go and have someone else do something for us.

Thank you again to all who attended and for all your letters, e-mails and notes.

Thank you for being there for our family. You are all GREAT RALLY MONKEYS!

With lots of love,

Moshura's Family


Anonymous said...

Surviving 3 under 5 said:
This was a really tough week for us all. There was a significant amount of anxiety as the surgery approached. We were all praying that Marc's tumor would be operable and that the surgery would be as small as posible. After the surgery Marco was in Intensive Care. The threat of phnemonia, infection, fever and excruciating pain was a constant reminder of how delicate life is. Marc's surgery was big. But Marc's is a fighter. We are so proud of his will to get stronger and get home.
As most of you know our Grandpa Welo was also in intensive care last week. He passed to heaven.
On Thursday we laid him to rest surrounded by all of his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. We were blessed to have him 93 years.

Thursday was an emotional day. But seeing you all at the fundraier raised my spirits. We have been overwhelmed with many things lately. On Thursday I was overwhelmed with your support, generosity, friendship, your encouragement and your presence.

I know times have been tough lately but I have HOPE that we have beter days ahead. On Friday, Marc's pathology reports of the tumor came back Negative. The double Chemotherapy that he endured for 4 cycles killed the Cancer cells. The liquid in his lungs also came back Negative for Cancer Cells.

For a Moment we breathe.... and encourage Marc's recovery from surgery at home. We cautiously celebrate the current Cancer free results. We acknowledge that Sarcoma is an aggresive Cancer that we have too keep an eye out for. Marco is a Survivor

Marc's has battled this Cancer with all his might. He is not alone. We are all walking this journey with him, supporting him, encouraging him.

I say Thank You to all of our family and friends that rallyed to give us support in such an emotional week. V

Anonymous said...

Leezy120 said:
You are the most generous and kindest family I have ever met. I don't just say it because Marco is my brother. All of you as a family are really good hearted people. From Marco, Wife, DLP, and cutie Machini. You all have an unconditional love for eachother and others even when stressful times arise. You have compassion and empathize with others. This past week has been really overwhelming and tough. Thanks to family and friends we pulled through. The strong bond and love your family has has also pulled eachother through. It was nice to see G and the girls visiting at COH on Friday. V and R went above and beyond. Like V said Marco you are a fighter and thanks to all for their support because it was a h__ of a week!

Patty said...

One Day at a Time Said...
I could not have said it better than S3U5 and L120. It is true, words cannot express how happy and relieved we are to hear that the results came back negative for cancer cells. We all know that we have to take it one day at a time but you know what? it was about time that we heard some good news. Marcus we know that you continue to fight this aggressive disease everyday and we know that you will win this battle. Marcus and the Wife, hope you know that we know that you have always been there for the family but just know that we are now here for you. If there is anything you need, please let us know. Like I've said before, if I could give you the world I would. Love you all!