Friday, May 1, 2009

Too Darn Sweet!

I think a lot of people don't believe me when I tell them that my big brother and his wife have been in love since they were kids. Okay, now don't get freaked out, the Wife is not a child-bride in this photo, she's a "dama" - a "gentle-lady" with her "chambelán" or "gentleman" Marco at a friend's Quinceañera ages ago :). Ok, only a few dozen years ago... How old are you both in this picture anyway?

Well, these dapper looking cutie-patooties continue to amaze me and I always think of this photo in all of its innocence and remarkable beauty when I think of my brother and his wife's love for each other. I just thought I'd mention it because its Friday and because I need to look at something beautiful today cause its been a hard week. I hope you all enjoy it. When you see the Wife and Marco, pinch their cheeks and ask them how they've managed to stay so cute all these years...


weezy130 said...

Moshura's Sis, That is a great picture to share with us!! BEAUTIFUL!!! I needed to see something so beautiful today! Thank you. Cried, then laughed thinking of the things we used to do back in the day, man so much going through my mind... I so admire the love and compassion both Marco and The Wife have for eachother for so long. I love you both so much. You are sooo cute in that picture!!

weezy130 said...

Forgot to mention... You are sooo ADORABLE!!! as well! :)

Anonymous said...

Lazy T..........
When was that picture taken????? 1984??? Just kidding. That is a very cool picture. Shows history, but more importantly shows when the happy couple first met. That is very cool.
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.... look at the cute couple! :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

One Day at a Time Said...
Who knew that these two innocent kids participating in a quinceanera several years ago would fall in love, get married, have 2 wonderful kids, then deal with a life altering experience called "sarcoma cancer". No one knew back then, but they were destined to be with each other for life. They have been with each other for over 15 years going through the many ups and downs of life. Never in a million years did we think that we would be dealing with such a life threatening disease. We are just so grateful that the Wife has been there for Marcus through the thin and thick of it. We have seen her spend the night in the hospital "sleeping" next to Marcus in a couch or a chair. We know that she doesn't sleep most of the night staying up with him, checking that he is "ok". I'm sure that she will always check that he has enough water, pillow, jammies, anything to make him warm and comfie and we have always appreciated that. Marcus we know that you are the one that is struggling with this disease and we will all try to do ANYTHING WE CAN to make it better for you. Thank you to both for always being the couple that others strive to be. Love you both.

The Lucky Wife said...

Oh Ms. Cloie you brought tears to my eye girl. When you called me to ask for the picture we hadn't seen it in awhile. Marco saw it and said he could stare at it all day.
I laughed because I had just done that after I found it.

We calculated we must have been 9-10 years old, that would make it around 1979-1980, yes I did say 1979.

We were asked to participate in a neighbors quincenera. This was the begining of boy meets girl.....seems like just yesterday.

"Little did we know that we would be meant for each other". Like Marco says.

We will be married 17 years this year, it doesn't seem like that long.
Marco would beg to differ I'm sure.

You do a mental evaluation of everything that has happened since that day in the picture till now.

The picture was our first picture together...he ask me to be his girlfriend not to long after this picture and I said yes cause it was the thing for a kid to say I guess....and we forgot about it ...well I did till we got older haha.
MY CHAMBELAN in my quince (may show that picture later,not)
We GOT MARRIED - I ask him to marry me ( I have proof )
We have TWO BEAUTIFUL children

Yes, life has hit us in the gut with a freak'n metal bat the begining of April 2007 and the anxiety, the need to yell to the top of your lungs ,that what has happened to him is unfair is overwelming but we still have each other and our kids and family. We appreciate that more intensely now.

Thank you Ms.Cloie -- We love you!

!WE LOVE YOU ALL !for everything you do for us!

Anonymous said...

Surviving 3 under 5 said: Well Well Well some people think that this love story is made up. This picture says it all. Talk about destined for each other. At that age who knew they would be forever.. Well I can say that it does seem forever because I don't remember our family not including Marcs. I tell you that he is like a brother to me. He has always given me great advice, support, and he was the one who taught me to drive and took me to my first concert.
In our old neighborhood, I always thought it was interesting that my DAD would only say HI to Marcs. He even had whole converstions with him. My Dad never talked to anyone. But Marcs was always different. Marcs has always fit. Fit as a friend, a brother, a brother in law and a soulmate for Weezzee. We all know that since the days in the hood Marcs has always been a blessing for each of us. Weezzee was not the only one to to fall in love with Marcs. I can truely tell you that all of us, our aunts and cousins all knew that Marco was the perfect match for Marie.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is I remember seeing this picture a long time ago and saying that they would end up married. Remember "wife"? I too stared at this picture for several minutes. No wonder it feels like I've known Marco most of my life too. I was there when he and the guys would do the mobile shout outs at my grandpas house in the a.m. Big Looch

The Wife said...

Yes Big Looch your right and Marco had a smile on his face I bet when he read what you wrote. CHAAAOOOOO! was the "shout out" and yes we all remember those days as if they were yesterday.

Yeah and I remember that my grandpa came and chewed me out because of all the rackett they were making. Funny to laugh about it now, huh.

Leave it to Marco to leave impresive momemts in your head.