Wednesday, June 10, 2009

National Cancer Survivor Day 2009

From the Wife:
We were invited to attend National Cancer Survivor Day yesterday at City of Hope. This was our first invite that we attended. The invitation was nice and it described a survivor..... a survivor is one who has been diagnosed with cancer, is dealing with cancer or is in remission of cancer, but I truly loved this description and I agree with it 100%. A survivor is on who deals with cancer day in and day out for the rest of their lives.

There was a very nice banner and everyone was asked to write a message to our survivor on a balloon and place it on the huge banner. We were then asked to continue into the resource center where Marco was greeted and was acknowledged with a medal for being a survivor. We continued to walk in and there was another greeter offering a goody bag to the survivors only, it had a T-Shirt, one raffle ticket, and some information to take home.

We submitted our raffle ticket. The girls from Positive Images were there with models wearing wigs and scarves. There was another table with an author of Writing for Wellness and she was explaining her book and told us about the class that she gives at City of Hope for writers. We told her about DLP submitting an essay for a contest and was very much interested in DLP and she invited her to part take in a class.

She also told us she was a two time cancer survivor herself and she told us that she had written this book about her personal experience with cancer and she also had other writers' poems and experiences. She believed that if a cancer patient has a good support team of family and friends, survivors would live longer than if they had no one. She was very nice and it was interesting talking to her.....Angels of Love were there too, giving out angels, which were handmade.

It was a very nice event they had for all the cancer survivors at City of Hope.

Finally we got to do something else since the kids are now on vacation..we are so proud of our kids. DLP just go her report card and she did great, she will be a sophmore in August and little Machini will be a BIG boy and will be heading out to the First

We were able to go to the movies to see Night at the Museum. It was great to have the whole theater to ourselves.

Update.....Marco has been recovering very well though he still has some soreness and slight pain. He is doing ok. We are still waiting for the result to come back from the outside lab where all his test and blood work have been sent to determine that he is a good candidate for the Phase III Trial. The waiting is nerve-racking. I guess just waiting to see if he is or isn't going to have a chance to participate in this trial.

This just off the press as of 15 min. ago

We got the call from City of Hope it's a go....Marco will be a participant in the Phase III Trial he will be starting on Monday, June 15.....very excited with this news.


Patty said...

One Day at a Time said...
Wow! It sounds like you all had a busy day. It's great to hear that you participated in this event. As we all know, cancer is not something we want for anyone to go through. We know that Mr. Marcus has had many challenges and I can honestly say that he is not only a survivor but a FIGHTER TOO. We are happy to hear that you will be participating in the phase III trial. We know that you will continue to fight this disease and that you will get better. It was great to hear that you guys got a chance to go to the movies. Summer is almost here, let's start making plans! Luv you all:)

Anonymous said...

Leezy120 said...
That is great that you were part of this special event. COH is a caring place. Congratulations to DLP on her
great job with her Report Card and to Machini for completing Kindergarten! To the Wife for holding down the Fort and Marco for fighting this battle daily. You are definitely SuperStars!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulation! We are very excited for Marco. Like I said "We have a good feeling about this". See you soon. The Loochs

Surviving 3 Under 5 said...

I am glad that you went to Celebrate your Survivorship. You are a daily Warrior!! Fight On!!

Anonymous said...

Lazy T said...........
Congrats on the medal. Congrats on the news of being accepted into the trial. Congrats to DLP and Machini for all of their hard work.......Ahhhhh heck, I could go on, but I will just sum it up to be nice and short. CONGRATS TO THE WHOLE FAMILY FOR ALL YOU DO AND HAVE ACCOMPLISHED! Was nice to see you guys last Saturday. Hopefully DLP has calmed down from the "trama".
Lazy T

Anonymous said...

Marco COH sabe por lo que tubiste que haber pasado para mereserte este medallon. Yo solo quisiera agregar mi deseo que llegues a gozar de una recuperacion total. que vuelba a tu corazon la tranquilidad,la harmonia, la paz. Solo tu estas soportando el dolor indescriptible que cauasa el cancer y sus tratamientos. sinenbargo no estas solo todos y cada uno de nosotros sufrimos contigo, brincamos de gozo con tus triunfos, lloramos contigo cada lagrima que derramas tu , tu esposa y tus hijos, ya sea de gozo o desesperacion. Tienes toda mi admiracion, mi respeto. es admi- rable el valor con el que te as enfrentado a este cancer tan horrible. Yo en voz alta digo 'BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! ARRIBA MARCO." "TIENES MUY BIEN MERECIDA ESA MEDALLA!" Marco, sigue siendo fuerte y no te sientas solo, pues si volteas para atras veras un equipo de apoyo tan grande como el de "verizon",y nosotros en primera fila. Yo confio que todo saldra bien en el estudio III. Estamos contigo. Te quiero mucho.