Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sign on the bottom line

From The Wife:

This week we went to City of Hope to have the consultation on the AP23573 Phase III Trial.

Dr. Chow explained and told us all that would happen in this trial. Marco needed to have blood drawn and a CT Scan done the next day. These tests will be sent to an outside lab to look at and determine if Marco is eligible to continue with Phase III of AP23573. As soon as the results are back from this outside lab we wll be getting a call with an appointment to have Marco start his treatment.

It was funny the whole time that we were in the doctors office talking and seeing Marco sign all the paper work, consent forms, HIPPA forms and all of what needed to be signed before the treatment is given: The positive feeling in that room was overwhelming. I kept telling Marco that I could feel that he would be the one to get the real "pill" and not the "sugar pill". I think the mind is a powerful thing and at times I find myself hoping and sending positive vibes to Marco to have some good energy go his way.

Marco has been doing well. He is still in some pain but most of the soreness is in the surgery area. He is looking good. He was able to sit through a Dodger game on Monday night up until the 7th inning which was great. I am very glad that Marco is doing better.

I will let you know when his appointment will be to start the AP23573 treatment. Fingers crossed that this pill will be the one to hold off the sarcoma cancer in a lot of patients. Cancer Sucks and it needs to be nipped in the bud.

The Wife


Patty said...

One Day at a Time Said...
It was exciting to hear from Marcus how enjoyable the Dodger game was. He mentioned that Machini was even on the JumboTron being his silly and crazy self. It was also great to hear from Marcus about how he has been doing. Hope that the pain related to the surgery starts going away soon. We are anxiously anticipating how this trial will go. We want Marcus to get better and for this cancer to go away. We also want him to know that he has a support system that will always be there for him. Just ask. Please do keep us posted with your progress. In the meantime, have more Dodger, Angel, Nascar and fishing adventures with the family this summer. Let us know!

Anonymous said...

Leezy120 said:
Thank you to The Wife for keeping us posted about the Phase III Trial and for sharing the good vibes and positive feelings with Marco. We truly love you and appreciate all that you are doing for Marco to get him through this. I am also glad Marco is doing better. My mom was so happy to see you guys. That was a wonderful surprise! Hope the pain and soreness goes away soon so you can enjoy your summer with DLP and Machini being on vacation. Taking it a day at a time. Sending you my love and positive thoughts!

Surviving 3 Under 5 said...

Amazing to think that you are going to be part of this medically advanced research in the III phase. Wow!!

What did they they say about summer activities and sun restrictions? Can we plan summer activities like fishing, Hesperia Lake Adventures, etc?? sun & Fun???

We need to concentrate on Marc's recovery. Take extra care not to over due it but take the time to enjoy his cancerfree status. We want you to feel better, stronger, healthier.... have a good.. a great... a fantastic summer with your DLP & Machini & your Honey Maria.

I am glad that you are recovering. Iam also glad you feel good enough to venture out and about. Dodgers...Check... What's next??

Anonymous said...

We have good feelings about this too. Good luck. We are pulling for you. Keep up with those walks. The LOOCH's

Anonymous said...

Sarcoma is a BIG OL' BAALL of NAAASSSTyyyyyyy!

Elsa D. said...

Good Luck with AP. Watch out for mouth sores ;)
A big hug