Tuesday, July 14, 2009


From the Wife:

Well, Marco's Birthday came and went, and now his is officially the BIG 4 0.

The morning start with a carrot cake Kray had gotten him (his favorite) and gifts. The thoughts in our minds where more like -- oh no today is the day that we go to COH, have a CT Scan and doctor appointments to determine if he is still cancer free,
two months after the surgery to remove the tumor that was on his diaphragm.

We hate these appointment because anything can happen or it sends us on a damn rollercoaster ride with your heart in your mouth or it sends us to orbit on the greatest feeling ever that you are beating the shit out of cancer (but on guard no less).

We always remember not to let our guard down. Marco's appointment would not be till later in the evening so I had already forewarned DLP that if all hell broke loose at the doctors we would come home, and if all went well we would take him to eat somewhere to celebrate. Since we have to be conservative with $, we chose not to take him to one of his favorite resturants in town. With that in mind we had no idea how it would play out.

Finally he had his CT Scan done and we met with Dr. Grannis.

I swear it seemed that no matter what the doctor tells you - good or bad - I think we still have that confused, puzzled look and "what did you just say" look as the doctor repeated: "The CT Scan is all clear with no concerns of any kind. Cancer free" Oh my word..... I thought as tears start to fill my eyes...then as he examines Marco he says that he is really glad that he is looking so good after his surgery.

So he asked the magic question..."How do you feel"? Marco answered "Good, I have been doing things here and there trying to test my limits". Then doctor said "Ok, that sounds good...I think you can go back to work".

WHAT! We were not expecting to hear this soooo soooon, especially me.

That just took me over the edge.....sniff sniff and a clear of the throat. As the doctor left the room Marco let out a big sigh and you could see that a huge weight was lifted off his shoulders.

The whole time all I could think of was - We need to celebrate his 40th and this good news we just got! We are taking him to Todai ! Marco had the biggest beer and we all ate till we couldn't eat no more. It was delicious and we even made a toast.

Great news! Now get the hell off the rollercoaster and move foward through the park of life.

We are all very excited...we don't know if the Phase III Trial has anything to do with it but we will take this good news anyway.

We love you! Marco you are an awesome fighter...keep up the good work.


Surviving 3 Under 5 said...

Great News I bet he is dreaming of working already. I am glad you love your work so much. It makes going back so great!!
Be patient... Be patient. The work market is reallllly slow. The company who gets you will score!!!

I am really overjoyed with this news that all is clear
Love V

Anonymous said...

Leezy120 said...
Reading this brought tears to my eyes! I feel so overjoyed! I was really elated to hear these happy news. On Saturday we celebrated Marco's Birthday and I was ecstatic. Even now... I still feel that happiness of you being cancer free. Things will come along. Enjoy the kids while they are on summer vacation. You enjoy this summer vacation! You are the hardest worker I know!

Ro said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Theres nothing like being told your cancer is in complete remission; brings music to ones ears. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Great news!!!!!! We are very happy for you and all of your support group. See you soon so we can give you your birthday gift. Big Looch