Friday, August 21, 2009

Dodgers Stadium THINK CURE!

Dodgers Stadium THINK CURE! this weekend starting today and the family has all volunteered their time for this awesome charity to help the community.
The call came out that they needed volunteers to help at the Dodgers Stadium and we didn't hesitate. This will be our first charity event as a family and hell, we are very excited to join in on the fun.
I would like to invite everyone if you can to donate even $5.00 to the cause . The proceeds go to Childrens' Hospital in Los Angeles and City of Hope. Now we all know we owe a great deal to City of Hope for saving Marco's leg (twice) and taking the cancer away till now. So we need to come together with the Dodgers to help them in their efforts to the help the community.

Tonight the game will start at 7:10pm and the donations have been taken since early this morning so get a move on. We will take pictures to post later.........DONATE NOW!

Thank you to Surviving 3under5 for getting all the information we all needed and organizing this family event for tonight and Surviving 3under5 baby's daddy for volunteering to stay with all 3 + Machini makes 4 kids.
To Marco for saying yes on the first try.... DLP , we are hoping she can make it, if she is feeling better (cold) One Day At A Time, Leezy120,Lazy T, Mookie, Jen and Turd to all of you stepping up to the plate even if it was last minute. Thank you to all! Let's go have some fun!

Let's Go Dodgers! Let's Go!


Elsa D. said...

Have you done a CT scan lately? Is the trial working? Hugs

Surviving 3 Under 5 said...

We have grown up with the Dodgers as a home team. We have realized that City of Hope has helped Marcs fight this aggressive Cancer and has been our home away from home. Pairing both family pasions has made "Think Cure" an ideal family Charity. We had a volunteer team of 10 rally Monkeys. We arrived in full force. All in all we gave support to a great cause close to our heart. Raising money to fund new revolutionary research to fight Cancer at City of Hope and Childrens Hospital. Throughout the day we heard many stories. We come to realize that we are all touched by Cancer.

Anonymous said...

Leezy120 said...
It was great to take part in a great event like ThinkCure! Thanks to V for putting our team together. The Wife and DLP went above over and beyond in their volunteering and stepped up to the plate with their efficiency and organization to get the tasks done. I was so mesmerized with all that was happening around me. It was fast paced, but well worth the work. ThinkCure! raised more than what they expected. Cancer does change ones life. We do have Hope that there will be cures in our lifetime. Marco has a big team with him that loves him and supports him and there are a lot of good people out there that care!! We are with you Marco!

DLP said...

I had an awsome time at think cure. I can't wait till next year! It's all for a good cause and there was just such a great vibe in the room. I loved volunteering! I was definitly excited to help them out for this event.